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Diesel spills are one of the biggest hazards for motorcyclists and are responsible for numerous accidents. In fact, they are just as difficult to spot as black ice, are more hazardous, are responsible for twice as many fatal accidents and take twice as long to disappear.

Diesel spills are generally caused by a driver overfilling his tank or failing to close the fuel cap properly. In either event, the diesel is likely to spill out onto the road, particularly at:

  • Roundabouts
  • Tight corners
  • Junctions

The best advice is to keep alert at all times and avoid any suspicious patches on the road.

If the worst happens, and you are injured in an accident caused by a diesel spill, you may be able to claim compensation for the hurt and losses you have suffered. This type of claim is more complicated than usual though, simply because the person responsible for the accident – the negligent driver who spilt the diesel – is often long gone and untraceable.

Motor Insurer’s Bureau Claims

This is where the Motor Insurer’s Bureau comes in. You can find more details about the Bureau here, but it is basically a fund, paid into by all of the motor insurance companies in the UK, which pays compensation to the victims of road traffic accidents caused by uninsured or untraced drivers.

We can help you make a claim to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau. It simply needs to be demonstrated that on the balance of probabilities the negligence of an untraced road user caused the fateful diesel spill on the road.

Avoiding Diesel Spills

Riders should take care to avoid diesel spills, particularly around junctions, roundabouts, petrol stations, bus stops and the kinds of tight corners that might cause improperly capped fuel tanks to spill over.

In wet conditions, riders should be alert to any rainbow discolouration on the road surface, as this is an indicator that there is fuel on the road. In dry conditions, long dark lines should be approached with caution and riders should remember that diesel can usually be smelled before it can be seen.

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