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Following Government guidelines, we have temporarily closed all of our offices and our staff are now all working from home using secure technologies to ensure they are able to continue to progress with existing and new cases as normal. All face to face meetings have been cancelled, however we are continuing to hold these meetings via phone and video calls. All the team are contactable on their direct dial numbers and email should you need to speak with your solicitor, please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything during this time.

We know these are uncertain and unsettling times for many of our clients, and the wider population, and things might look a little different for the foreseeable future. But our focus remains on our dedication, knowledge and strength that we provide to all our clients. We will continue to provide updates over the coming days and weeks in accordance with official guidelines and to keep everyone informed of the situation.

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Road Accident Case Studies

Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
Thompsons Solicitors Scotland

Thompsons Solicitors has a specialist Road Traffic team with extensive experience in dealing with all types of road accidents and the full range of injuries they can cause. We are the leading personal injury firm in Scotland, win over 90% of the compensation claims we take on and secure more than £1 million each week for our clients from our offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Peebles and Galashiels.

Whether you have suffered minor personal injury, such as whiplash injury, bruising, or a sprain or you have unfortunately suffered a life-altering or catastrophic injury we have the expertise and know-how to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our team is knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and we will listen to your circumstances fully before advising you of your best course of action.


Compensation with Thompsons Solicitors

We have extensive experience of helping road accident claimants in all kinds of cases, including the following:

Road Accident Case Studies

For some detailed examples of the kinds of cases we take on, browse through a sample selection of our clients' stories:

Woman receives £4,025 settlement for car accident injuries

On 16th May 2017, our client who is a member of the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) member received a £4,025 settlement to compensate for injuries she received in a car accident on the 4th October 2015.

Our client had been travelling down the road, slowing down as she approached a set of traffic lights. A third party vehicle pulled out from a side road and into her path. Although our client braked hard but there was not enough time to stop, and the front of her vehicle collided with the side of the third party vehicle...


Cyclist awarded £30,000 for roundabout collision – April 2017

Our client, Mr Gordon Laughlin, a water operation team leader at Scottish water in Dunfermline, was involved in a road traffic accident as a cyclist on 27th May 2016.

Mr Laughlin was struck by a third party vehicle when making his way across a roundabout on his bike. The third party vehicle, failing to give way or sufficiently check the road was clear, entered the roundabout at speed from as Mr Laughlin was passing the exit. Although our client did his best to steer out of the way, the vehicle collided with the rear of his bike, knocking him onto the road. The reason given by the driver of the vehicle was that she did not see him coming...


Stagecoach bus accident victim awarded £2,300 – May 2017

On 31st May 2017, an USDAW member's 17-year-old daughter received a settlement for injuries she received while using a Stagecoach bus.

Our client and her father boarded a stationary single decker bus on Lochside Road. Our client stood next to her father as he paid the bus fare. There were already other passengers on board as well as people waiting to get on after our client. Suddenly, the bus jolted forward, causing the father to lose his balance and fall against his daughter. This collision made our client hit the right-hand side of her body against a metal pole. Apologising, the driver stated that the jolt happened because of the air brake.


£1,700 Car Accident Compensation

Mrs C was involved in a car accident in December 2007 when she was stationary at a junction and a Local Authority’s trailer collided into her vehicle causing damage.

Mrs C contacted No Win No Fee experts at Thompsons Solicitors who raised court action on her behalf to recover outstanding costs for car hire and repairs to her car.


Thompsons Help Car Accident Victims Win Compensation

No Win No Fee specialist lawyers Thompsons helped two victims of a traffic accident win their compensation claims after advising them to reject ‘derisory’ offers made by the insurers of the driver responsible.

Derek Noble and Hazel Simpson (both members of the UNISON Trade Union) were driving along Old Largs Road, Greenock when a car approached at speed and the driver appeared to lose control.


Diminution Compensation For Parked Car

Thompsons Solicitors recently obtained diminution compensation for a car that was parked outside the client’s home. The car was damaged when another driver reversed into the front of the car causing damage.


£25,000 Car Crash Compensation For Back Seat Passenger

Ms Cadbury was a back seat passenger in her son's motor vehicle when it was involved in a road traffic accident. The car accident occurred on an icy morning and Ms Cadbury's son admitted that he was travelling too fast for the conditions.

He lost control and the vehicle spun off the road. The car was not fitted with a rear seatbelt and Ms Cadbury was thrown out of the back windscreen and landed some distance away from where the vehicle was stopped.


Teacher Wins Interim Payment of £10,000 after 3 Car Crash

TEACHER Carol Summers was one year into her first job when she was involved in a horrific three-car crash in which one driver died. The 25-year-old was seriously injured in the car accident, which was not her fault, and had to sign off work for almost nine months.


£139,000 Car Accident Compensation For 3 Generations Of Family

Three generations of the one family were involved in a very serious car accident as a result of a head on collision.

The Grandmother was driving. The Mother, was in the front passenger seat wearing a seatbelt and the daughter aged only 8 at the time was in the rear seat wearing a seatbelt. They all sustained varying degrees of injury and all sought out the advice of Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors.


Nurse Receives £6,500 compensation for Motorcycle Accident

Nursery nurse Linda Smith was the pillion passenger on a motorbike being driven by her partner. They were riding along country roads in central Scotland when a car pulled out from a junction directly into their path in such circumstances that there was no prospect of the motorbike stopping or avoiding the car.


£2,400 Compensation For Rear-end Collision

Thompsons No Win No Fee lawyers recently helped Vincent McCall secure £2,400 in compensation when a car collided into the rear of his vehicle causing extensive damage. This unfortunate car accident occurred when the driver of the other car failed to stop in time when he was driving into a car park.



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