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Filtering – passing stationary or slow-moving traffic – is practised by manu motorcyclists. It is perfectly legal in the UK so long as it is carried out safely. But it is also one of the more dangerous manoeuvres that motorcyclists can carry out, making it one of the common situations in which a motorbike accident is likely to occur.This is because:

  • The queuing traffic may restrict your ability to see hazards ahead
  • The queuing traffic may make you less visible to other motorists
  • There is often limited space available to manoeuvre
  • Other drivers may change lanes unexpectedly
  • It is easy to go too fast while filtering

Therefore, filtering should only be attempted when the motorcyclist is certain they're not putting themselves or any other road users in danger and that they're not forcing anybody else to change their course or speed.

Being involved in a filtering accident

The risks of filtering are high and it is up to you to balance these against your need to move through the traffic. If you get it wrong – for instance, if you try filtering when the traffic is moving fast enough to suggest it's no longer queuing or when you're in a 'no overtaking' zone – and you suffer an accident as a result, you may find that you are judged to have been responsible for it, either in whole or in part.

However, even if you are partly responsible for the accident, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to cope with your injuries without receiving any form of financial support. You might still be able to claim compensation if you enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who specialises in road accident claims.

In this case, however, the amount you can recover is likely to be reduced because of your ‘contributory negligence’. The size of the reduction will be based on the degree of your liability.

Expert help every step of the way

Claiming compensation for an accident caused by filtering It is a complicated process issue, especially when the degree of contributory negligence has to be established. The best way to find out whether you have a good claim is to speak to an expert. The solicitors at Thompsons will provide you with all the advice and guidance you need to make a motorcycle accident claim, so give us a call and our accident compensation lawyers will discuss your options with you.

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