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In 2013-2014 162,544 people were admitted to a UK hospital as a result of a head injury. According to Headway, such admissions are up by 10% since 2005-2006.The brain injury charity believes that in the UK alone around 500,000 people currently suffer long term disabilities that were caused by traumatic brain injury, with males 1.6 times more likely to suffer head injury than females.

One reason for this over preponderance of male head injury victims is their greater representation in hazardous jobs such as construction, another is the fact that the majority of motorcyclists are men; only a relatively small proportion of riders are women, although their numbers are rising.

Traumatic brain injuries caused by motorcycle accidents require long-term specialist support and care. This is because the effect of a brain injury can be felt in many different ways:

  • Physically – through paralysis, for example;
  • Cognitively – through changes such as loss of memory, or an inability to cope with stressful situations; and
  • Behaviourally – through personality changes such as aggression or depression.

The effects of a brain injury can take time to appear, which is why you should always seek medical advice after a head injury, even if there doesn’t seem to be an immediate problem.

Reducing the risk

One way to greatly reduce the risk of sustaining a motorcycling head injury is to wear an appropriate, well-fitting helmet. According to the Motorcycle Helmet Safety Institute, head injuries make up around 60% of all rider injuries. In cases where the rider was not wearing a helmet, 88% of the injuries sustained could have been prevented with the use of a helmet.

Significantly higher risk of injury than car occupants

Per mile travelled, riders are around 16 times more likely than car occupants to suffer fatal injuries in an accident, according to the USA’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They are also four times more likely to sustain a head injury.

Specialist Legal Advice from Thompsons

Specialist legal advice is also essential; to make sure that any compensation claim is based on properly gathered expert evidence, and that all your care needs, now and in the future, are provided for.

Thompsons' motorbike accident lawyers have extensive expertise in dealing with all forms of accident and personal injury, including brain injury. We are Scotland's leading personal injury law firm, and win over £1 million every week for our clients.

We work with claimants and their families and are able to make home visits where necessary from our offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Peebles and Galashiels. We are committed to ensuring full compensation for every claimant and when possible and appropriate always strive to secure immediate interim payments to meet clients’ most pressing needs.

If you would like advice on making a compensation claim for a brain injury suffered by you or a loved one, give our No Win No Fee accident solicitors a call. They will investigate and advise you on the best way to proceed.


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