Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

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Sherrie Paterson,
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There were 25 motorcyclists who died in Scottish road traffic accidents in 2019, according to  provisional statistics from Transport Scotland. In total, 519 motorcyclist casualties were reported, and 279 (54%) of those were seriously injured.  

Thankfully, the number of motorcyclist deaths on Scotland's roads shows a reducing trend: the 2004-2008 average was 42 fatalities per year.

While these figures do show a reduction in motorcycle-related fatalities, the proportion of serious and fatal accidents amongst motorcyclists when compared to other road user types is still very high, and every single fatal accident is a tragedy for the victim and their family. It's clear that riding a motorcycle is a risky business, impacting not only on the rider, but on those left behind.

Expert support and guidance at a difficult time

We know that nothing we can do will ever make up for losing a loved one, but we might be able to help you cope with the practical consequences. If someone you love has died as a result of a motorcycle accident you could be entitled to claim for compensation.

We'll do everything in our power to make the complex legal process of making a fatal accident claim as straightforward as possible for you. And because claims such as these can help bring urgent attention to areas of law that need changing, you might also be able to help prevent the same thing happening to someone else.

Compensation claims for fatal motorbike accidents are particularly complicated because, unlike most personal injury claims, the person making the claim will not be the person who suffered the injury. In these cases the person with ‘title to sue’ will be the Executor of the deceased’s estate.

However, any compensation awarded for a fatal motorcycle accident will not belong to the Executor – it will form part of the estate and will be distributed according to the Will.

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Thompsons has an experienced team of solicitors who are ready to help you. So, if you need straightforward, honest advice on making a claim, give our motorcycle accident lawyers a call on 0800 0891 331.

Thompson’s motorbike personal injury solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis and will offer nothing but the best advice and deepest empathy for your situation. We'll make sure the deceased's estate receives the fair amount of compensation so that, in time, the family members affected by the loss will hopefully be able to move on.

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