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I was flicking through my motorbike magazine today when I read about Ruth, a fellow biker, who was involved in a nasty motorbike accident that was not her fault.  She suffered an injury to her knee and had to get bone, hamstring and tendon grafts.

Unfortunately us motorcycle riders are at much greater risk from accidents than car drivers.  For every mile that is travelled, motorcyclists have 34-fold greater risk of death. Often accidents are as the result of car drivers simply not taking enough care and not paying close enough attention to other road users around them. 

Whenever I am driving in my car I always take extra care to check my mirrors and blind spots and to keep a look out for other road users that may not be as obvious as vehicles such as cars, buses, or lorries.

Of course, whenever I am on my motorbike I am always sure to do everything that I can to keep myself safe and make myself visible.  This includes wearing all of my biking safety gear, including a high visibility vest.

As the winter weather comes in I will be using my car much more than my motorbike but I will always make sure that I am on the lookout for other bikers and vulnerable road users.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, contact Thompsons no win no fee specialists who will advise you on your first steps to receiving the compensation that you deserve.

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