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I was dismayed to read that the pedestrian death toll on Scotland’s roads has reached five by the 6 January 2011. I was even more astonished to read that the deaths occurred within the space of 24 hours. It appears as though three of these deaths involved people walking along roads, being struck by vehicles travelling on the same road. The other two deaths involved an elderly couple crossing a street in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, when they were struck by a heavy goods vehicle.

I am really disappointed to learn that the Protection of Workers Bill brought by the Labour Party’s Hugh Henry, is in danger of being defeated.

The bill is being advanced to protect people at work from being assaulted by members of the public.

I have just read about a horrendous accident that occurred on a farm in Berwickshire.  A farmer and a farm worker both suffered serious crushing injuries to their legs after being sucked into a slurry-cleaning machine.  Both of the men required emergency leg surgery after the accident.

I know that working on a farm can be a dangerous occupation.  However, I was shocked to read that working on a farm has now overtaken construction, mining and fishing as the most dangerous job in the country.  Between April 2009 and March 2010, a total of 38 agricultural workers were killed at work.  These figures are astonishing.

My friends at Thompsons have been involved in the Public Inquiry investigating the deaths of the people who were affected by C-Difficile in the Vale of Leven Hospital.  Following that outbreak several measures were put into place by the government to try and prevent any future outbreaks.

I read with some alarm that insurance companies are charging motorists higher premiums because they have fitted winter tyres to their vehicles during the current extreme weather conditions. I find it staggering that insurance companies would seek to penalise their customers for making their vehicles more safer, thereby, reducing the number of accidents on the road some involving personal injury.

BT were recently fined £300,000 after a worker sustained fatal head injuries during the course of his employment.

David Askew, a power construction engineer, employed by BT fell from a wooden ladder in October 2006 while installing distribution boards and running cable. Mr Askew was standing on the top rung of a seven foot wooden ladder carrying out his job. He was working alone at the time of the accident. Tragically, Mr Askew fell from the ladder and sustained severe head injuries. He was admitted to hospital but died 18 days later.

Employers ought to remember that they can not forget about the safety of their staff at the office Christmas party.

A court in Australia recently decided that an employee who injured her back while helping out a her employers Christmas party ought to receive compensation from her employers for the injuries she sustained. 

Ever since I was a plasticine toddler I have been hearing stories from my Friend McKenzie about the dangers of working offshore.  McKenzie is an older more hardened piece of plasticine than me and has spent the majority of his life on the rigs.

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