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You would think that if you had an accident or were involved in a car crash and you dialled 999, an ambulance would come to your assistance as quickly as possible.

I was very shocked to see that it has been reported in the news just the other day that an ambulance technician chose not to respond to a 999 call as he was on a break.  The call came from a woman who had reported a heart attack 800 yards from his depot in Moray.

I read in the paper the other day that the Government cuts will result in the loss of 1.6 million jobs. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have warned that the recent cuts in public spending allied with the rising rate of VAT is going to cut the workforce to this extent across the UK economy by 2015/2016.

I was flabbergasted when I read that The Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) estimates accidents in the home cost the UK around £45 billion pounds a year. That’s a lot of money and means a lot of people must be sustaining injuries as a result of accidents in their own homes or in other peoples homes.

When we talk of road accidents we normally assume we are talking of car accidents, bus accidents, motorbike accidents or perhaps bicycle accidents. However, there is another group that should be considered, members of which may both be seriously affected by car accidents and, in some cases, cause the car accidents themselves.

No win no fee claims have been in the news an awful lot this week.  Although no win no fee stories are very topical this week and the potential changes that the government want to make might have a huge impact on the law, I think I will talk about something else today.

My good friend Frank Maguire of Thompsons Solicitors, an expert at winning compensation for clients in personal injury cases, kindly agreed write a post for my blog this week.

I did not think the potholes in the roads in Glasgow could get much worse however, I read today that a road expert has warned Glasgow motorists to expect another winter of misery on the roads.

It has been reported that Glasgow City Council are struggling with the backlog of pothole repairs left from last winter. The AA has also said that even some of the temporary “patch and mend” repairs that have been made to potholes will not withstand any harsh conditions. The Evening Times has reported that some of the potholes on Cumberland Street in Glasgow which have been repaired are already showing signs that the holes are reopening.

A Scottish construction firm have been fined £10,000 after an Charles Wilkinson, an employee, sustained fatal injuries in a workplace accident. Charles Wilkinson was hit by a telehandler when it was being reversed the wrong way along a one-way street. Charles Wilkinson was on the pavement. The telehandler mounted the pavement and struck him causing him to sustain serious injuries.  Charles Wilkinson was released from hospital but later died after sustaining a blot clot, which was caused by the injuries he sustained.

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