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I drive on Scotland’s roads every day and see all types of accidents and reckless driving but what most people are not aware of is that a major risk for serious car accidents is tailgating and this should be avoided at all times.

Not sure or never heard of tailgating?

Well, tailgating means that a car is driving too closely to the car in front of it or, in other words, ‘sitting on its tail’. The distance in this case can be measured in seconds- safe distance being 2 to 3 seconds (this may have to be increased to 4-10 seconds, depending on the weather conditions, such as rain, fog, snow or ice) while a tailgater would be driving only a second away from the car in front.

The reason why tailgating is so dangerous is that, in case the driver in front of you makes an emergency stop, you risk smashing into his car and causing a potentially serious, even fatal, car accident. While it may well be that some drivers are not aware they are tailgating someone, there are numerous drivers who use tailgating as a means to bully other drivers. In this situation it is important not to respond to this provocation, try and keep a safe distance and try to avoid the person who is challenging you. Don't be bullied or a bully on the roads, drive safe and make the roads safer!

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