Fatal Accident Inquiries - What Families Need

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How Thompsons can help you

Thompsons has been helping the families of victims of fatal accidents for many years. We believe families need the following::

  • Answers. What happened and why did it happen?
  • Without these answers, families cannot move on with their lives and the grieving process cannot begin.
  • Families need to know that the death of their loved one served some purpose and that no other family will be touched as they have been by the loss of a loved one.
  • If appropriate, families would also wish to see criminal proceedings brought against the wrongdoer, if any.

A Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) can be a daunting process, but Thompsons is here to help. If you are worried about what will happen or you would like to find out more about making a fatal accident claim, give us a call on 0800 0891 331.

Putting families at the core of a Fatal Accident Inquiry

As a firm, Thompsons has campaigned consistently for families to be put at the heart of the FAI process and despite an extensive report into failings of the FAI system in 2015, and the publication of the Follow-Up Review of Fatal Accident Inquiries by the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland, we are still experiencing circumstances in which families' calls for investigations are not being heard. It is also our experience that when a family is grieving the sudden and tragic loss of a loved-one, the decision whether an inquiry will happen is still taking far too long.  

Patrick McGuire, fatal accident solicitor at Thompsons, says that despite campaigning for years for root and branch change, the  FAI system in Scotland is still characterised by delay.

“We must take an entirely fresh approach to FAIs. We must start with a blank sheet of paper and build a system that has the victims and their families at its heart.,” he says.

Thompsons have acted for numerous families in some of the highest-profile cases heard in Scotland. Talk to Thompsons today.

Fatal accident claims

In the event you have experienced the grief and trauma of losing a loved one in a fatal accident in Scotland or abroad to an incident you believe may be attributable to the negligence of another party, Thompsons can help you make a fatal injury compensation claim.

Compensation cannot turn back the clock but it can be essential in simply helping you carry on with things following a death.

You may need to pay medical and care costs, you may have lost income, dependents such as children may be mourning - these are difficult times - and you are likely to be in need of help with the practical and financial realities of living.

Thompsons Scotland has the experience, expertise and empathy to represent claims, striving for the fullest possible compensation and acknowledgment in the shortest possible timeframe.

Call our approachable team today or use the various online methods for making contact.

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