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Should You Make a Claim for Serious Injury?

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Is making a compensation claim the right thing to do?

If you or some you love – for example, a spouse, civil partner, parent or child – has suffered a personal injury in circumstances that are attributable to the actions or negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, lost earnings and expenses.

By securing a settlement you can ensure that you are able to access practical assistance, including treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. But there are other reasons to claim – for example, a claim can help you receive recognition for your suffering while also ensuring that those who are responsible are held to account. Talk to Thompsons today.

Accepting an insurer offer

At Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland we always advise injured parties and their families to seek independent personal injury legal advice before accepting any insurance company's offer to settle without litigation.

Such offers are usually strategic moves by the at-fault party and typically undervalue the extent of your losses. In fact, legal advice is particularly important when claiming for a serious or fatal accident – this is because settlement amounts are necessarily much higher for this type of claim, reflecting the increased need of claimants.

Should you make a claim?

A personal injury claim following a serious accident is essential to ensure that those affected are able to access the best possible level of treatment, support and rehabilitation. Additionally, it may also be a financial necessity to help cover the cost of medical and care expenses, home adaptations and specialist equipment.

For instance, the defendant may argue that a standard prosthetic is suitable for a claimant following an amputation accident, however, our amputation claim solicitors will seek the advice of medical experts to ensure we seek sums for the most appropriate equipment that will give the claimant the best opportunity for future independence.

And there are other reasons for making a claim. These may include the following:

  • To prevent similar incidents – Making a claim can see those responsible held to account, so that lessons are learned and action is taken to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.
  • To seek justice – Ensuring accountability is an essential function of the Scottish legal system and making an accident claim may, in certain cases, be the only way to ensure that the liable party is held responsible. For many claimants, the financial implications of a settlement may be secondary to a ruling of liability.
  • To seek financial security – If a person has suffered catastrophic or fatal injury, it may be essential to claim compensation to account for past, present and future earnings that may be lost. Failure to do this could cause long-term financial disadvantage.

Overcoming the fear factor

Some injured people and their families may have reservations about claiming compensation. This is typically because they are fearful of an employer's reaction or feel they can't go up against a large corporation. Sometimes there is deep-seated concern about the stress of litigation, the high cost of legal fees or because there are misconceptions about how the serious injury claims process works.

However, it is a civil right to seek compensation for an injustice that has left you injured and facing financial hardship. When undertaken with the support of an experienced firm such as Thompsons, you can rest assured that you will be in safe, supportive and sensitive hands. We will manage the stress for you and ensure that you are fully aware of how the process works.

Plus, our No Win, No Fee funding model is available for most types of personal injury claim (the exception is for medical negligence claims) and protects you from all financial risk in the event that your case is not successful.

Thompsons – award-winning personal injury solicitors

Thompsons' Solicitors in Scotland recovers over £1 million in compensation for its clients every week and has a personal injury claim success rate of more than 90%.

If you or someone close to you has suffered serious, catastrophic or fatal injury in an accident in Scotland, we can help you ensure a suitable settlement of compensation. We have offices in Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

For more information, Talk to Thompsons today.

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