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I was sad to see another story in the press about a sat-nav device causing a road traffic accident.  It has taught me not to rely on just the sat-nav as they sometimes can be wrong.  This time the error proved fatal and a four year old girl died as a result of the car accident.  Ariana Bardhaj was killed when her parents’ car crashed with another vehicle as they drove along the A6 in Bolton last September.  Her parents said that they did not see the “no right turn” signs onto Station Road.

I was amazed to hear about Adam Potter, a climber from Glasgow, who survived a 1000ft fall down a mountain and suffered only relatively minor injuries.  Mr Potter lost his footing whilst out walking with friends in the highlands. He fell down the side of a mountain, plummeting 1000ft over rocky crags and outcrops.  Despite the severity of the fall Mr Potter suffered relatively minor cuts and bruises and three minor fractures to his back. 

Over the course of the weekend, two men have lost their lives in separate farming accidents.  The fatal accidents both happened in Aberdeenshire.  One accident involved a 62 year old man who was working on machinery when he was injured by a tractor.  The accident occurred at West Fornett, Dunecht and the injured party was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with chest and abdominal injuries but unfortunately, he died overnight. 

Did anyone see on the news last week that a cash machine in Dundee was spitting out money??  Apparently the machine started to give out double the amount of money that people were requesting and rather unsurprisingly a queue formed with people hoping to withdraw extra money.

Workers at the Scotmid store saw a crowd gathering so they called the police to investigate.  Did you or anyone you know take out money?  I have seen this happen a couple of times in the past but usually the banks make sure the money is accounted for.  However rather surprisingly the owner of the privately run bank machine company said they would not pursue anyone for the cash and it was up to an individual’s conscience.  I wonder if anyone returned the money!! Would you have returned it?

I was so sorry to learn of the recent death of the Polish student Milena Gott following a road traffic accident to her severe injury around 18 months ago.  She has been fighting for her life for such a long time, however, finally succumbed to her injuries after doctors had to amputate her legs following an infection that became too much for her to bear.

A survey carried out by the AA found that Scotland’s roads were the worst in the UK for potholes, road repairs and blocked drains. Edinburgh was ranked bottom of the league overall in Scotland.

This survey was carried out before the recent bad weather over Christmas time.  I hate to think how badly all of the roads around the country would be rated now!

The Ministry of Defence is to pay £1.8 million compensation following tragic accidents in Afghanistan. £1.7 million compensation is to be paid to a paratrooper who sustained severe injuries in Afghanistan and £100,000 compensation is to be paid to the family of an Airman who was killed in a Nimrod crash.

It has been reported that lawyers who represent a farm at the centre of an E. coli outbreak which occurred during the summer of 2009 have admitted liability and agreed pay to compensation to victims of the outbreak who have suffered injury and loss. The compensation awarded to all the individuals involved could potentially amount to millions of pounds.

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