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I was sad to see another story in the press about a sat-nav device causing a road traffic accident.  It has taught me not to rely on just the sat-nav as they sometimes can be wrong.  This time the error proved fatal and a four year old girl died as a result of the car accident.  Ariana Bardhaj was killed when her parents’ car crashed with another vehicle as they drove along the A6 in Bolton last September.  Her parents said that they did not see the “no right turn” signs onto Station Road.

Ariana and her brother were in the back of the family car when it crashed into another car which was travelling at 45 mph.  The speed limit on the road was 60 mph.  The police officer investigating the road traffic accident re-visited the scene and his sat-nav also told him to turn right.  The inquest heard that sat-nav carried a warning telling motorists to follow road signs and restrictions.

I hope this serves as a warning to other drivers to make sure that they pay proper attention to the road signs.  You should always make sure that you follow the road signs and you should never rely solely on a computer to get you to your destination safely. 

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