The latest Government figures show that in 2012, 292 people died as a result of MRSA in the UK as a whole. In Scotland alone there were 48 deaths in which MRSA was identified as the main or a contributory cause of death.

MRSA, or Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a bacterial infection that is difficult to treat because it is resistant to many types of antibiotics. This means that if can be very difficult to get rid of and the initial infection may become very serious, especially in people who are already ill.

While it does occur in the community, MRSA is most likely to strike in hospital, where open wounds give it easy access into the systems of weak and vulnerable people.

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MRSA Compensation Claims

If you or a loved one contracted the MRSA virus in hospital and the hospital was in any way unclean, or staff failed to follow their own infection control policies or cleanliness procedures, then you may have a claim for compensation. But it is a very complicated area.

It is very hard to prove that an MRSA infection was caused as a result of negligence rather than simply your being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Expert advice is essential.

MRSA Compensation Claim Lawyers

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