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The Hepatitis C Skipton Fund was set up in 2004 to help provide Hep C compensation for those who lived in the UK and were infected with the disease through contaminated NHS blood or blood products prior to September 1991, on the balance of probabilities, or through contact with someone who had such treatment.

The Skipton Fund no longer applies to people who live in Scotland who were infected with the disease.  Scottish claimants can now make a claim through the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme.

What is the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme?

The Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme offers support to people who were historically infected with Hepatitis C and/ or HIV following treatment with NHS Blood, blood products or tissues. 

How did the scheme come about?

In April 2017 after significant campaigning by Charities the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme was introduced as a result of the Scottish Financial Review commissioned by the Scottish Government which replaced schemes in the UK such as the Eileen Trust, Macfarlane Trust, MFET Ltd, Skipton Fund and Caxton Foundation which provided support for people in Scotland who have been affected with Hep C through contaminated NHS blood or blood products.

Who is eligible for support?

The scheme provides support to people in Scotland who were infected, as well as members of their immediate family dependant on certain criteria and an application process.

Can this be done as well as a personal injury claim?

Generally, yes you can apply for support through the Scottish Government as well as pursuing a claim through the Scottish Courts. You will require individual advice on this by us as specialist personal injury lawyers.

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