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Let’s face it, insurance companies do not like paying out compensation claims.  

Insurance premiums are always rising, there always seems to be stories in the press these days from insurance companies complaining about the number of claims that they face each year, and it stands to reason that the less they pay out, the higher their profits will be and therefore the happier their shareholders.

The truth is that insurers will do everything in their power to avoid paying out in compensation cases and, when they have no choice, to make sure that the payment is at the absolute minimum level.

Don't settle for less compensation than you deserve

In fact, some insurers will go to incredible lengths to keep the compensation cases they pay to the bare minimum.  Some companies employee “mobile claims handlers” to turn up at your door unannounced, within hours of an accident, offering you a cheque for full and final settlement of the claim.  While that may sound brilliant in the first instance, the cheques are often for meagre amounts – a few hundred pounds – and almost always significantly below the true value of the case.  

Insurers do not turn up with their cheque book within a few hours of an accident because they are generous.  They do it because they want to get to the person who has suffered the injury before they even consider making a claim for compensation and certainly before they go anywhere near a solicitor.

Insurers do not like personal injury solicitors and especially do not like expert firms who know what they are doing.

Dedication, knowledge and strength always pays off

When you are involved in an accident, you need an expert solicitor who has gained all the essential experience necessary, so they can ensure you get the proper level of compensation to which you are entitled.  More importantly, you need a solicitor who is on your side. This is where Thompsons Solicitors come in. We understand that getting the best possible outcome on your case not only takes determination and persistence.  It takes knowledge, dedication and strength.  

The insurance companies will fight, so you need a lawyer on your side who will fight harder.

All too often, we find that an insurer’s first offer is far too low.  We have to push hard and sometimes that means raising a court action and pursuing matters as vigorously as possible – although you can often make an insurer see sense with simply the threat of raising a court action. Very regularly the sum we finally secure for our clients is significantly more than the original offer and we have many cases where the final damages are even double or three times the original offer.

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