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I read an interesting story in the paper today which expressed outrage that the family of a prisoner should receive a high level of compensation for what the paper called “falling out of his prison bed”

When I read between the lines of the tabloid sensationalism the story was fairly simple and tragic.  Ryan St. George, on remand at Brixton prison, London for stealing batteries suffered an epileptic which lasted for nearly two hours before falling from his top bunk and hitting his head off the concrete floor.

The prison was found guilty of negligence for failing to call an ambulance for 40 minutes and for failing to open Mr. St. George’s airway.  When the ambulance crew arrived Mr. George was “as near to dead as can be.”

The 41 year old now needs round the clock care for the rest of his life.  His compensation payment of £4.7 Million is made up largely of the costs of his medical care.

As much that some people think prisoners don’t deserve the same Human Rights as the rest of us, thankfully the law does not see it this way.  Compensation is seen as a means of achieving redress for those wronged and is a fundamental right for all.

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