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Occasionally the media bend the idea of raising personal injury claims into something seedy.  The tag line “compensation culture” is banded about and Solicitors are vilified for the part they play.

One such example is the case of Gillian Chapmen.  Gillian’s husband died of mesothelioma, a terminable cancer occurring from exposure to asbestos.

Gillian, rather than make a claim for compensation has decided to take her husband’s death on the chin and let his previous employers away with causing his death because she doesn’t want to “fuel the compensation culture” or encourage “ambulance chasing”

This slur is unhelpful to the many thousands of families who lose a family member, more often than not the main bread winner, and need to seek compensation to survive financially.

Ms. Chapman’s comments play into the media’s hands, are irresponsible and fail to recognise the vital and essential good work that specialist compensation Solicitors do on a daily basis.

Little mention was made of the fact that Ms. Chapman is already independently wealthy….

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