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The regulation of medical devices in the UK has recently made headlines again as further criticisms have been levelled against the current system. Several devices, which were considered safe under the regulatory system, have been subject to litigation and controversy in the past few years. Metal on metal hip replacements, mesh implants, Essure contraceptive devices and Nanostim pacemakers have all caused problems for a number of the patients who have received them but have apparently met the required safety standards to be supplied on the market. The list of defective devices has only grown longer over time yet the regulatory system remains flawed. 

Watching your child grow into becoming a toddler should be a happy and exciting time for parents.  However, there are difficult decisions to be made such as choosing the right nursery.  Choosing the right nursery for your child can take time; parents want to feel comfortable that when they drop their child off that they will be cared for, looked after and waiting to be collected at the end of the day unharmed.  Unfortunately, this did not happen for a family in Edinburgh.  They received a telephone call that no parent wants to receive, advising that their child had been involved in an accident whilst in the care of his nursery.

The Competition and Markets Authority have found that funeral costs have increased by two-thirds in the last decade – this was approximately three times the rate of inflation.

Work, travel, love, food, life….everything in the world depends on one thing…the health of our planet. Anyone noticed even Glasgow had a heatwave this year? Taps aff was probably a regular hashtag. But enjoying the weather is one thing…what does the continuing change mean for Planet Earth?

Legal loophole – can you force an Executor to resign where they are convicted of murdering the deceased.

Recently we have been in the unfortunate situation of having to advise the family of a murder victim that the person convicted of the murder is appointed to act as the Executor to the victim’s estate. Many other families of murder victims in Scotland have been surprised and shocked to learn that the convicted killer of their loved one can act as the Executor to the estate of their victim. Whilst an Executor can not change the terms of a Will and a convicted murderer can not inherit from their victim’s estate, the Executor does have power to make decisions about the management and distribution of the property of the deceased, depending on the terms of the Will.

This week (19th – 25th November 2018) marks Brake’s annual Road Safety Week.

Brake is the UK’s largest road safety charity. Their aim is simple; prevent accidents from happening in the first place. They work tirelessly to “raise awareness about road safety and needless deaths and injuries year-round”. Road Safety Week is utilised to raise safety awareness. Where accidents have already occurred, they provide vital support to victims of road traffic accidents.

This Saturday 24 November 2018, Thompsons Solicitors will stand shoulder to shoulder with our STUC colleagues, members of religious groups, trade unionists, and anti-racist activists at the STUC St Andrews Day Anti-Racism March and Rally.

This year’s STUC St Andrews Day Anti-Racism March and Rally, champions the words of Maya Angelou, in its theme “Still We Rise: Internationalism, Freedom, Justice”.

A recent English case has warned of the perils of not keeping your Will with your Solicitors Firm as the failure of a family member to locate the Will of a recently deceased woman caused a dispute between the people who were entitled to inherit under the Will and a “belligerent, wholly cavalier and reckless” TV heir hunter who ignored the existence of the Will and tried to take a 40% cut of an estate worth around £630,000.

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