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Lord Sugar has always been recognised as an active and controversial character in the world of Twitter. Piers Morgan referred to him as a ‘Halfwit’ when he fell for a fake Trump tweet. He posted a picture of Jeremy Corbyn sat next to Adolf Hitler. He has been in a Twitter war with Donald Trump. Some find his tweets humorous. The issue becomes when tweets cross lines and why some people do not face the same consequences that befall others.

Sadly, the media are often reporting cases of people who have gone missing. There have been many recent high profile searches, such as the search for Corrie McKeague, who was last seen on a night out in Bury St Edmunds on 24 September 2016.

Every August thousands of performers, comedians, workers and tourists flock to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. With over 50,000 performances in over 300 venues across the city, the Fringe markets itself as the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet, welcoming an explosion of creative energy from around the globe.

Last week, Mo Salah was allegedly caught texting and driving by fans when leaving Anfield following their opening season match. The footballer can be seen behind the wheel of his vehicle with his mobile phone in hand and then can be seen pulling away from a crowd of fans. This is the latest example of celebrities flouting the law when it comes to driving offences. A few weeks ago, Katie Price reported herself to the police after driving while banned. She was banned from driving in February 2018 as a result of speeding.

Ryanair plane

Are you one of the fifty thousand passengers let down by Ryanair today?  Ryanair has cancelled 400 flights across Europe as a result of pilot strikes.  Flights from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands have all been affected.  Many passengers were not warned in advance.  Some passengers travelling for special occasions such as weddings and important family events have arrived at the airport to find that they are not going to be able to attend the event.

The question “Why does she not just leave?” is often asked by people trying to understand domestic abuse. Although such a question may be asked innocently, it is loaded with connotations of blaming the victim and individualising the societal problem of domestic abuse.

There’s a protest planned tonight in Glasgow against a mass eviction of 300 asylum seekers from their accommodation. Activists, lawyers, politicians and members of the public are absolutely appalled at the prospect of such a humanitarian crisis in our own city.

In May 2018, Thompsons Solicitors expanded their practice into the North East of Scotland and opened an office in Scotland’s fourth largest city, Dundee! This was an exciting move for the firm to add to their current office in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Galashiels and Peebles.

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