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This Saturday 24 November 2018, Thompsons Solicitors will stand shoulder to shoulder with our STUC colleagues, members of religious groups, trade unionists, and anti-racist activists at the STUC St Andrews Day Anti-Racism March and Rally.

This year’s STUC St Andrews Day Anti-Racism March and Rally, champions the words of Maya Angelou, in its theme “Still We Rise: Internationalism, Freedom, Justice”.

A recent English case has warned of the perils of not keeping your Will with your Solicitors Firm as the failure of a family member to locate the Will of a recently deceased woman caused a dispute between the people who were entitled to inherit under the Will and a “belligerent, wholly cavalier and reckless” TV heir hunter who ignored the existence of the Will and tried to take a 40% cut of an estate worth around £630,000.

Being given a diagnosis of cancer can be completely devastating for the individual involved and their family. During an already emotional and stressful time, worrying about undergoing treatment and how to tell family and friends, matters such as finances and employment should be the least of your worries. However, unfortunately many employers are still not offering the appropriate support to people with cancer, leaving them with little choice but to leave employment or put their health and recovery at risk.

Legal systems and processes are under almost constant review as competing interests are picked up or put to the side by different governments. In recent years a number of reforms in the UK have been framed as addressing the “compensation culture” or making the court process simpler and more efficient.  However, the reality is that some of these measures risk eroding access to justice for those with genuine injuries, rather than making the process simpler.

A Glasgow employment tribunal has this week published a judgement which indicates that the Police Force is operating at minimum safety levels due to financial constraints.  Fiona Mair raised a successful action for indirect sex discrimination after Police Scotland rejected her application for a flexible working pattern which was to allow her to look after her son.  This application was refused as if she moved to another shift it meant there would be an extra officer on shift over and above basic staffing levels.  Ms Mair, who was a long –serving officer, required to resign as a result of being moved to a night shift pattern in 2014.  The employment tribunal judge found that Police Scotland’s refusal was disproportionate as Ms Mair had requested a relatively minor adjustment.

It is becoming a common problem for tenants in rented properties to suffer from mould and dampness in the property with little done by their landlord to rectify the issue. Properties in the UK can be more susceptible to dampness and mould due to the colder climate, wet weather and age of property.

The Scottish Government has recently published its response to the Consultation on the Law of Succession. The Scottish Law Commission previously reviewed the law, and made several recommendations for reform.

With Brexit on the horizon and Austerity continuing, despite what the chancellor says, businesses and local authorities continue to tighten their belts. This means workers are expected to do more for the same pay. In some sectors two jobs are becoming one and employees are expected to just “get on with it” and be grateful they have a job. It is no surprise that work related stress is on the rise. Unison’s recent report found that three quarters of Scots felt unable to deal with stress at work in the last year and one third of those had suicidal thoughts as a result. This is unacceptable. Employers and shareholders reap the benefits of cutting staff to the bare minimum and the benefits brought by technology and in doing so push staff to breaking point, and beyond.

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