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The Police Federation has announced that it is calling for changes in relation to rules governing when police officers can, and cannot, pursue criminals who are fleeing via mopeds and motorcycles.

There have been so many developments in recent years in the automotive industry that the idea of fully driverless cars on our roads no longer seems far-fetched. However it seems there is confusion around the technology which is currently in use. 

The technology available to cars on the road at the moment is known as ‘Level 2’ which means that a driver is required to keep their hands on the steering wheel.   A fully autonomous car would be ‘Level 5’ and so we are still a long way away from this.  This is highlighted by the fact that Uber have just called a halt to their self driving car test programme in Arizona as one of their cars killed a pedestrian.

Let's talk about dementiaIt was dementia awareness week a couple of weeks ago. One of the goals of the week is to encourage people to take action to improve the lives of those affected by dementia. One such way is giving them the peace of mind and security that their legal affairs are up to date and that their wishes have been validly expressed.

With the warm May weather, it can finally be said that summer is fast approaching. No doubt workers across Scotland will be looking to request time off for their summer holidays, but where do workers stand when their boss does not allow them the time off that they request?

When considering gender inequality and the law, very few immediately think of personal injury claims however many practitioners have notices differences in the amount of compensation being awarded to men and women who fall victim to an accident.

A haulage company in Aberdeen, Colin Lawson Transport Ltd, has been fined £180,000 after admitting to breaches of health and safety legislation which lead to the death of one of their employees, Graham Forsyth, in 2016. Mr Forsyth was reported to have been sent to repair a lorry in the company’s yard. He was standing behind the vehicle, providing his colleague with directions when the vehicle shunted backward resulting in Mr Forsyth sustaining fatal injuries.

The pothole crisis in Scotland is growing and unfortunately, due to inadequate inspections or the failure to repair roads, many are at risk of sustaining an injury. What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

In a judgment sure to serve as a warning to potential jurors around the country, Catherine Leahy was found guilty of accepting a bribe under the Bribery Act 2010. She committed the crime during the five-month money laundering and drug trafficking trial of Graham Clarke and others. Leahy was the spokeswoman on the jury, which after 3 days of jury deliberations acquitted the alleged drug dealer and others with a not proven verdict. Not proven is a verdict of acquittal, based on the state's failure to prove guilt rather than any proof of innocence.

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