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I was surprised to read that someone had received a court summons via Facebook.  It looks like we really are living in  a digital age now!  A firm from East Sussex obtained permission from the County Court to serve a court summons using the social networking site.  The summons ordered the debtor to attend court for questioning.

The solicitor involved in the case was finding it difficult to make the debtor attend court and had tried (unsuccessfully) using conventional measures to contact the debtor.  As a last resort she contacted him via Facebook.  At the court hearing the lawyer’s position was that this was an appropriate way to serve the documents as the debtor was a frequent visitor to the site. This is thought to be the first such case in the UK.  It has been reported that an Australian lawyer has previously used this tactic to serve legally binding documents on a couple. 

It just goes to show you, having an online presence certainly makes it difficult for you to hide! 

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