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My friends at Thompsons have dealt with a number of compensation claims for people who have had accidents and sustained loss and injury on a construction site.  Some of the people Thompsons have represented suffered extremely serious injuries, on construction sites that have affected the way they are able to live their life.

I was so disappointed to read that recently one in five construction sites in Scotland were found to be so dangerous that they are putting lives at risk.

Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive visited 288 construction sites as part of an initiative aimed at reducing deaths and injuries. The Health and Safety Executive found that health and safety on 53 of the sites they visited were below the required standard. The Health and Safety Executive had to issue improvement and prohibition notices immediately on some sites and in some instances had to stop work being carried out altogether due to unsafe practices.

Statistics show that during 2009/2010, 3 workers died whilst working on a construction site and there were more than 1,100 injuries.

It makes me angry that construction sites are not putting in place the proper precautions to protect workers. How many more people will have to suffer serious injuries or loss of life before those in the construction industry stops taking unnecessary risks with workers lives? 

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