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I have been continuing to read the articles about the possibility of scientists developing an uncrashable car and it is really very exciting.  Have you seen any of the ideas?  The latest thing that I was reading about was an intelligent windscreen to help avoid road traffic accidents.

General Motors have scientists investigating how a car can enhance the driver’s senses.  They are developing a prototype windscreen which they hope will give drivers a sort of superhuman vision.  They are calling it an advanced vision system.  It will include features such as an infrared camera which will film the driver to monitor their head position and gaze direction. The aim is that an awareness of exactly where the driver is looking will allow the car to assist them when the going gets tough.  They hope that this will help people driving in dangerous conditions such as driving in fog.  They will highlight the edge of the road on the windscreen, augmenting reality to allow the driver to concentrate on other potential hazards.  I don’t know if I would like this as I would never want to be too reliant on a machine but I can see how it might try and help avoid accidents.  Any gadgets that will help avoid crashes and injuries get my vote! 

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