Workers Likely to be Affected by Exposure to Asbestos

Asbestos is everywhere.

Originally, most victims of an asbestos related disease were thought to have contracted the condition while working in heavy industry such as shipbuilding or engineering but, as time goes on and more and more cases are diagnosed, it has become plain that a wide range of trades and other workers outside these sectors have also been exposed.

These are the workers most likely to be affected:

Who else is at risk?

The families of these workers might have been at risk as well; some women have been diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of inhaling the particles of asbestos clinging to the overalls they washed for their husbands, sons and boyfriends. This is called secondary exposure to asbestos. 

But the risk of asbestos exposure extends further than this. Other people have contracted asbestos-related diseases because they worked at or near asbestos factories or dumps, or because the asbestos present in their offices and factories was disturbed during alterations or refurbishment of the premises.

They include:

Can I make a claim with Thompsons?

Now that people have become fully aware of how deadly asbestos is, there is no excuse for any workers to be put at risk. In industries that have a high risk of exposure, it's the employer's duty to make sure their staff have all the appropriate protection while working. The same goes for when the risk may not be quite so apparent, such as in jobs that have a risk of secondary exposure.

If you have been affected by any of the serious illnesses caused by asbestos exposure and believe that it is mainly because you were subjected to the deadly material during your work, then you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Thompsons Solicitors can help you make a claim against the negligence of another. We understand that suddenly being struck with a disease caused by asbestos can be a difficult time, a time that is likely to be very emotional for you and your family and require a lot of adjusting to. However, getting the fair amount of recompense can help alleviate the situation. Our experienced lawyers have successfully won many cases for unjustly affected workers such as yourself, offering their straightforward expert advice.

If you are worried on your own behalf or about a member of your family, call our free hotline number on 0800 0891331 for a no-obligation discussion of your case with the right legal expert today. .

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