Insulator Asbestos Claims in Scotland

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Scotland was home to one of the world's first and most prosperous asbestos industries, with workers first coming into contact with the substance on a large scale during the 1970s. However, it was not until the years around the First World War that exposure began to reach industrial levels – a situation which continued for a century.

At the heart of all this asbestos-reliant industry was Glasgow and, namely, its industrial heart, Clydeside, a busy port which was home to one of Europe's most important shipbuilding sites.

Tragically, this history of asbestos use and economic prosperity has left behind a catastrophic legacy of illness, disability and death which has devastated families and communities.

Thompsons, the leading personal injury firm in Scotland and the wider UK, is ideally-placed to help you ensure settlement for mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural plaques or lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos while working as an insulator or other professional.

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Mesothelioma in Scotland

According to the Health and Safety Executive, the mesothelioma rate in Scotland is 31% higher than the United Kingdom average. This, however, does not tell the full story. The mesothelioma rate in Glasgow is two and a half times higher than the rest of the UK, particularly in heavily industrial towns such as Clydebank, which has the highest mesothelioma rate in the whole of the nation.

Whether they were working in homes, commercial premises, council buildings, the automotive industry, manufacturing, shipbuilding or the military, insulators frequently suffered exposure to asbestos, so much so in fact they became known as ‘asbestos workers'.

Asbestos was omnipresent in the insulation industry, from lagging for pipes to attic insulation, heating ventilation, air conditioner systems, boiler coverings and more; it was used on a mass scale, particularly in shipbuilding.

Representing the Rights of Insulators

Although the importation, supply and use of asbestos has been banned in Scotland for many years, the long incubation periods for asbestos-related illnesses mean that it is not until many years after exposure that sufferers develop symptoms. Tragically, once they do develop, their progress can be swift and merciless.

Thompsons asbestos solicitors for insulators can help you whether you have been directly exposed to asbestos, have suffered secondary exposure or have lost a family member to mesothelioma or another disease.

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