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If you live in or near Edinburgh and have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease you may be entitled to compensation. Asbestos-related diseases include:

The asbestos claim specialists in our Edinburgh office can help you secure the sum you are entitled to receive. We can help both those who have developed their illness as a result of primary exposure in the workplace as well as those who have come into contact through secondary exposure – for example, as a result of inhaling asbestos dust from a loved one’s contaminated clothing. Whatever the case, you can contact our asbestos claim team in Edinburgh by calling 0800 0891 331 today.

Placing a value on claims

Although no amount of compensation can ever provide sufficient redress for the pain and suffering caused by an asbestos-related disease, it can at least go some way towards recognising these things and providing some level of practical, financial support for costs, expenses and lost earnings caused by the illness. In Scotland this is true even of the asbestos condition known as pleural plaques. Compensation amounts vary depending on the illness, individual circumstances and other factors such as how the illness has affected your ability to undertake daily tasks and enjoy life.

Mesothelioma claims in Edinburgh

Mesothelioma is the deadliest of all asbestos illnesses. Each year around 2,400 people in the UK are diagnosed with the asbestos-related cancer, including around 200 in Scotland. The vast majority of cases affect men, although this is mainly because, historically, men have made up the largest part of the workforce exposed to asbestos. Thompsons Solicitors has an extensive database of Scottish employers whose workers came into contact with asbestos materials; we also have a database of their liability insurers, which is particularly useful in instances where the employer has ceased to trade.

Occupations affected

Asbestos has affected hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, whether directly through exposure which has caused illness, or indirectly through the impact felt by families and communities. Our asbestos claim solicitors in Edinburgh can help you no matter the sector you worked in. Examples of the kind of people we have helped include the following:

  • Construction industry workers
  • Mechanics, engineers and motor industry workers
  • Energy and mining workers
  • Shipbuilding workers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Telephone exchange workers
  • Teachers and others who have worked in buildings where asbestos has been found

Contact Thompsons today

Thompsons asbestos claim experts in Edinburgh have helped secure compensation for many different clients, including mechanics, electricians, joiners and builders. We can also help those who have developed an illness as a result of secondary exposure, as well as those who are looking to make a claim following the asbestos-related death of a loved one. For more information, why not click through to our page of asbestos claim frequently asked questions, to find out about how we can help you.

Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK. In fact, according to the Health & Safety Executive, asbestos-related diseases kill around 20 tradesmen in the UK every single week. If you would like to find out more about your rights, speak with our asbestos claim experts in Edinburgh today by calling 0800 0891 331.

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