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The dangers of asbestos have been known for more than a century. However, for far too long, politicians and employers failed to disclose and act on warnings about the mineral's threat to human health. As a result asbestos has caused one of the world's great industrial disease scandals. Scotland's tradition of heavy industry means workers frequently came into contact with the substance.

But it's not just shipbuilding and construction workers who have suffered from the deadly threat asbestos poses, workers in many other sectors are now suffering, including:

If you or someone close to you has worked in any of these professions and has been diagnosed with an asbestos disease such as mesothelioma, asbestosis or pleural plaques, our asbestos claim solicitors in the Borders can help you achieve your rights. Call 0800 0891 331 to speak with us today.

Thompsons Solicitors' asbestos specialists

Thompsons' asbestos claim solicitors in the Borders have helped many people claim compensation for asbestos related illnesses. In addition, over many years and at a national level, Thompsons has been a proud and valuable voice in the fight for justice. We have worked with a number of charities, including Clydeside Action on Asbestos, Asbestos Action, and Clydebank Asbestos Group

Borders asbestos claim experience you can rely on

Whether you have developed an asbestos-related illness as a result of exposure to the substance in the workplace or through secondary exposure, our asbestos claim experts in the Borders can help you achieve the compensation you are entitled to.

Over the years we have developed an extensive database of companies and insurers relevant to asbestos claimants in the Borders area, and throughout Scotland as a whole. We have extensive experience of utilising this to ensure that liability is proven and payments are made to those affected by workplace or secondary exposure even if the business which caused the exposure is no longer trading.

No Win No Fee, no risk

Our No Win No Fee model ensures that all the risk inherent in making an asbestos claim is taken on by us: you will have nothing to pay unless you win your case.

This means that if your compensation claim case fails, you will have nothing to pay to your solicitor or to anyone else concerned with the case.

Thompsons Solicitors is regulated by The Law Society of Scotland. This includes our No Win No Fee arrangement and ensures that our entire operation meets the rigorous regulatory requirements set down by The Society.

Can you claim?

There is a three-year time limit for making an asbestos claim in the Borders and elsewhere in Scotland. This begins on the date of diagnosis or, in the event of claims for deceased relatives, three years from the date of death or three years from the date at which the cause of death was known.

So, it's important that you seek legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

Scottish asbestos claim lawyers

If you, or a member of your family, have received an asbestos illness diagnosis in the past three years, we can help. We have an excellent success rate; winning over 90% of the personal injury cases we take on and recovering over £1 million every week for our clients.

So, if you're thinking about making an asbestos claim, Thompsons' specialist solicitors can help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

Call 0800 0891 331 today for free legal advice from asbestos claim specialists in the Borders area.

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