Industrial Disease Claims Process

Have you or someone you love developed an illness or disease because you were exposed to something harmful at work?  If you have, and if the exposure or harmful working conditions were caused, at least in part, by the negligence, recklessness or unreasonable conduct of another person, then you could be entitled to compensation.

You may also help to prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.  

Making an industrial disease claim in Scotland

It can seem daunting to make a claim for compensation from your employer? But your employer has a legal obligation and duty of care to keep you safe at work and to provide a safe working environment, so if you are suffering from an industrial disease or condition that was caused or aggravated by your work, then it is your right to seek justice.

To find out more about making a claim please click on the links below or, why not have a look at our industrial disease FAQs page.

Thompsons is one of the leading personal injury law firm in the country. We have specialist teams of solicitors, solicitor advocates and other professionals who deal solely with industrial disease claims.

We understand the fears and anxiety that go alongside making a claim against your employer so we always aim to explain your rights and the processes clearly to you from the outset.

To read about how we have helped other workers in Scotland, why not visit our Case Studies section which details a selection of the cases we have taken on including a claim for noise related hearing loss and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thompsons industrial disease solicitors in Scotland

We win more than nine out of ten court cases, and recover over £1 million every week for our clients.

We also understand that no one thinks about making a compensation claim unless they have been through, or are going through, a traumatic experience. Our solicitors are sympathetic and understanding, and will fight to obtain the maximum compensation for you, in the quickest time possible.

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