Compensation for Other Financial Losses & Future Medical Risks

Accident Compensation Claims

Recovering from an accident can be an expensive time. Paying for medicines, travelling to doctors' appointments, private medical treatment and replacing damaged property can all add up. Thompsons can claim compensation for these items for you. Try to keep your receipts for these items to provide evidence of your outlays.

You may also need to buy things to make your life easier following an accident. This may include things like home modifications, mobility aids, and prosthetic limbs. The costs you have incurred on such items can be recovered for you by Thompsons. We can even claim for the future expenses you might incur on these items.

Future Medical Risks

We can also at times obtain an award where your injuries can be determined quite readily but there is a risk that you may suffer a serious deterioration in the future. We can settle your case for your injuries as known and also reserve the position for you to come back to the court again in the event of that serious deterioration occurring. For example, in a road traffic case where there was a head injury there may a slight risk that you would have epilepsy. We can settle the case for your head injuries and reserve the right to return to court in the event of any epilepsy occurring in the future.

You Keep Maximum Compensation

If we are able to obtain you a settlement without going to court, no matter how long it takes us to conclude your claim you will obtain maximum compensation.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident please call our No Win No Fee lawyers today on 0800 0891331  and we can advise you on your first step towards receiving compensation.

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