What To Look For In No Win No Fee Agreements

There are many firms across Scotland that claim to offer a "No Win No Fee" personal injury claim service, but not all agreements are the same so it is important to gain some clarity as to what we, at Thompsons, offer and how this may differ from the No Win No Fee structures provided by other firms. Below you will find a list of useful tips and advice on what to look out for and how to compare these types of agreements:

Read the small print. Always read the small print and be absolutely clear what you are agreeing to before you sign a No Win No Fee Agreement.

Consider outlays. Watch out for agreements that promise that you will not be required to pay legal fees if your case is unsuccessful, but still require you to pay the outlays incurred in running the case. These outlays may include court dues, the cost of recovering multiple medical records and often more than one medical report. They will often include the cost of an engineer and other expert reports. The cost of these outlays can be high, often amounting to more than the lawyers' fees. Unlike many firms, our No Win No Fee package covers the cost of all outlays so that you can have complete peace of mind when mounting a claim.

Beware hidden fees. The essence of every No Win No Fee claim agreement is that you will not have to pay legal fees should your case be unsuccessful. However, many agreements have hidden costs – so find out exactly what is covered. Our No Win No Fee package has no hidden costs – this guarantees you will never receive any nasty surprises.

Calculate the deduction. Some companies may make deductions of  25%, 30% and even 40% from successful personal injury compensation claims. Thompsons win more than 90% of the cases we take on. When your case is successful you will be required to make a contribution towards our fees from your damages. Our fee to you will be capped as an agreed percentage of your damages. The percentage will be agreed at the start of the claim as part of our clear and transparent fee structure.

Many firms charge a flat fee of 25% or more of your damages. We strive to keep our fees to a minimum. Each case is different and we will discuss a fair capped percentage with you individually. In the vast majority of cases our capped fee will never exceed 20% of your award of damages*.

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Not all personal injury firms mean the same thing when they say "No Win No Fee". Below, Thompsons' Patrick Maguire explains what to look out for when entering a No Win No Fee agreement and why you can put your trust in Thompsons.

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*Higher fees may be charged when we are instructed through claims management companies

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