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If you have suffered a personal injury, you might have lost wages by being absent from work or not being able to work overtime as you did before the incident occurred. Not only is such a situation unfair, it can also lead to financial hardship, debt and reduced quality of life. Fortunately, claiming compensation for these losses is your legal right.

As a specialist personal injury firm, Thompsons can help you recover lost wages, as well as lost future earnings, from those responsible for your accident. We can retrieve details of your earnings from your employer and calculate how much you have lost. We can even make a claim for lost income if you are self-employed.

Long-term and catastrophic injuries may also give you grounds to claim for loss of pension and loss of future capacity – this is something you should discuss with your personal injury solicitor.

Thompsons is committed to ensuring access to justice for workers who have sustained injury in accidents that were caused, at least in part, by the negligence of other parties. Our claimant-first ethos is reflected in our No Win, No Fee funding arrangement as well as in the fact that we only ever act for the victims of accidents; we never act for personal injury claim defendants or insurers.

Employed persons

You can demonstrate loss of earnings by presenting payslips from the three to six months prior to your accident. If you are also claiming for loss of overtime, you will need to present evidence that you were regularly working extra hours.

However, it is worth remembering that you will need to prove that your injuries have prevented you from returning to work and that you have taken reasonable steps to mitigate against your losses.

Self-employed persons

When a self-employed person such as a contractor or freelance worker is injured in an accident caused by another party, they sometimes believe that they are unable to make a claim for loss of earnings because they cannot produce wageslips. This is not the case.

Self-employed people should present detailed records of their working diaries, invoices, accounts and contracts to their personal injury solicitor in order to demonstrate that they have been unable to fulfil their work commitments because of injury.

Thompsons Solicitors

Lost earnings can quickly trigger a devastating sequence of events that may lead to an injured person being unable to pay their mortgage or rent, potentially facing homelessness, trauma and uncertainty.

Following an accident, you may also struggle to meet the cost everyday living – for example, the expense of food and bills, while a self-employed person may quickly find that their business faces a downward spiral and potential ruin.

Thompsons’ personal injury lawyers are committed to helping claimants avoid these situations by securing the fullest possible settlement in the shortest possible timeframe. Loss of earnings usually form a large part of a personal injury claim and if you are able to document your earnings and prove, by way of medical evidence, that you were justified in taking time off work following your accident, then you should be able to recover earnings lost as a result of your inability to work if your case is successful.

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