At Thompson’s we would like to reassure all our clients that as far as possible we are operating as normal. The health and safety of our staff and clients is our primary concern during this outbreak and as such we are reviewing the situation on a regular basis and will be adapting our working practices following government guidelines. However, we have had to make some minor changes to how we are doing things.

Following Government guidelines, we have temporarily closed all of our offices and our staff are now all working from home using secure technologies to ensure they are able to continue to progress with existing and new cases as normal. All face to face meetings have been cancelled, however we are continuing to hold these meetings via phone and video calls. All the team are contactable on their direct dial numbers and email should you need to speak with your solicitor, please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything during this time.

We know these are uncertain and unsettling times for many of our clients, and the wider population, and things might look a little different for the foreseeable future. But our focus remains on our dedication, knowledge and strength that we provide to all our clients. We will continue to provide updates over the coming days and weeks in accordance with official guidelines and to keep everyone informed of the situation.

As always, for any concerns, advice and updates on your case; Talk to Thompsons.

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Joseph Johnson, a former dockyard worker, has had his claim for noise induced deafness dismissed on the basis that he is out of time to claim.

Mr Johnson worked at Chatham Dockyard in the 1960s and 70s. During this time he was exposed to very loud noise from use of percussive tools. He brought claims against two of his former employers alleging that they had negligently exposed him to noise which caused his deafness. He claimed that he was not aware that his deafness was related to the noise which he was exposed to until he consulted a specialist in 2009. Throughout the course of his case however he accepted that he had ‘actual knowledge’ that he was suffering from deafness at the age 61 in 2001.

Following the recent changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority’s (CICA) compensation scheme designed to compensate innocent victims of violent crime the Government has introduced their new hardship fund.

The £500,000 fund is a discretionary fund which provides relief from hardship to very low paid workers who are temporarily unable to work as a result of their injuries sustained in violet crime against them. This fund only applies to those in very low paid employment, although this is not defined, and to those not entitled to statutory sick pay or sick pay through an employer scheme. Victims will also only be eligible for payment from the fund if they report the accident to the police as soon as is reasonably practicable and application is made within four weeks of the incident. If a victim has an unspent conviction themselves, then they are not eligible to apply. The biggest exclusion however is that it only applies to victims in England and Wales cutting victims of crime in Scotland out of the fund completely.

Whiplash injuries should not automatically be dismissed as minor and treatment should be sought if symptoms are suffered is the message which comes though after a recent case involving a man who suffered a Stroke 34 days after suffering whiplash in a rear end shunt accident.

Robert Bright, aged 58 was involved in a road traffic accident on the M27 when his vehicle was shunted whilst sitting stationary in traffic. He exchanged details with the other driver at the scene and thereafter began to notice neck pain and headaches which he attributed to whiplash after having been thrown forward due to the impact from the other vehicle. This pain continued over the next few weeks but he did not consult a doctor on the basis that he thought it would get better on its own.

Free legal advice line launched for families Thompsons Solicitors has voiced its disgust over revelations that babies’ remains have been dumped in a mass unmarked grave at an Edinburgh crematorium. For the last 45 years grieving parents who suffered the still birth or premature death of a baby have been refused the ashes of their child from Mortonhall Crematorium in the capital.

“There are no words to describe what the last year has been like”

PIP victim and campaigner

The Clydebank Asbestos Group has been honoured with the Queen’s Award for outstanding achievement at a civic reception in Clydebank’s Town Hall.

The impressive accolade was presented to the group in recognition of the work it does supporting victims of asbestos related illness. The award comes as the group celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Thompsons Solicitors is turning pink this weekend as it launches its new cosmetic claims department. The firm is well known for its work around the PIP implant scandal but now this is being expanded to create an entire department dedicated to claims involving cosmetic and beauty treatments.

The Society of Solicitor Advocates (SSA) is embracing software application technology with the launch of a new app. Instruct + allows Solicitors to alert Solicitor Advocates instantly to the need for court cover and work referrals. 

Tom Marshall, PartnerThe system is free to the user and alerts will only go to Solicitor Advocates with the relevant specialism and who are members of the society. The app is being launched today (Tuesday) at the society’s AGM in Edinburgh which will also see the launch of SSA’s new website which will be the platform for managing the app.

No further testing for night noise and vibration to be carried out on Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine line

Families who live close to the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine railway line whose lives are being blighted by noise and vibration caused by overnight freight have had hopes for a solution dashed.

Sarah ReedEdinburgh City Council has come under fire for failing to do enough to protect cyclists from the dangers posed by the ongoing tram works in the city centre. Six cyclists were involved in accidents as a direct result of tram works in the first week alone and over 70 have subsequently fallen off their bikes since the project started in 2009.

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