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Beauty Treatment Claims

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The beauty industry thrives, yet some salons lack proper standards, leading to mishaps for clients. Beauty treatment compensation might be necessary due to burns, reactions, or hair damage post-treatments.

Before trying a new salon, research is key. Online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations offer peace of mind.

If you've suffered due to a beauty treatment, claiming compensation is possible under consumer rights. Seeking legal advice is crucial; our specialists can guide you through. Act swiftly, as some salons vanish quickly. Keep evidence like receipts and photos of injuries.

For beauty treatment compensation advice or to assess your claim, contact us. Our expert lawyers handle cases on a No Win No Fee basis, securing over £1 million weekly for our clients.

Claim for Injury Following Botox and Dermal Fillers

Many seek beauty treatments like Botox and dermal fillers to change their appearance without knowing much about the procedures. Botox involves injecting a muscle-paralyzing poison, botulinum toxin, to smooth wrinkles. Despite its risks, cosmetic surgeries with these substances are poorly regulated, leading to horror stories of unqualified practitioners.

Dermal fillers, made of natural or synthetic substances, aim to enhance lips, reduce scars, and diminish wrinkles.

Risks Involved

While these procedures promise confidence boosts, they can catastrophically fail. Despite being temporary, they may cause disfigurement and pain for months. Risks include bruising, allergic reactions, toxic shock, swelling, and even blindness or death if injected improperly.

Claim With Thompsons

If you've experienced a botched Botox or Dermal Filler treatment, reach out to Thompsons. Our injury lawyers can assess your case, even offering a No Win No Fee package.

Fake Tan Products May Put Your Health at Risk

Many now opt for sunless tanning products due to health concerns related to natural tanning and salon UV exposure. Fake tan sales, estimated at £100 million annually, have surged, with a third of women and one in ten men using these products.

Risks & Cautions:

Improper patch testing prior to using spray tan can lead to allergic reactions. Investigations suggest health risks linked to fake tan ingredients, including infertility, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA):

Most sunless tans contain DHA, which interacts with skin cells for a temporary tan. However, DHA absorption into the bloodstream can pose serious risks, including genetic changes and potential cancer or birth defects, especially concerning spray-on tans.

Contact us for Fake Tan Compensation: 

Thompsons specialises in personal injury claims, including fake tan compensation cases. Uncertain about a fake tan claim? Reach out; we provide guidance and handle claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

Tummy Tucks and Other Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular, with more accessible options now enticing many. According to the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, in 2015, 51,140 Britons underwent cosmetic surgery, a significant rise from the previous year.

However, like any surgery, procedures like tummy tuck compensation and nose jobs involve inherent risks and potential complications that can be challenging to reverse.

Risks in Cosmetic Procedures

Invasive surgeries carry infection risks like MRSA or C-Difficile, hindering proper wound healing. Complications from common procedures include:

  • Bowel perforation in tummy tucks
  • Severe scarring and organ damage in beauty procedures like liposuction
  • Unexpected scarring or unevenness post breast reduction
  • Nerve damage during facelifts
  • Facial paralysis from Botox treatments
  • Hematomas resembling bruises after face or breast surgeries
  • Breathing difficulties post rhinoplasty
  • Facial asymmetry and infections following jaw augmentation
  • Implant leaks requiring additional surgery

These injuries cause suffering, potential loss of wages due to recovery, and might necessitate corrective surgeries.

Claim for Compensation with Thompsons

If you've experienced complications from cosmetic surgery, even if unsure about a claim, contact Thompsons. Our cosmetic surgery compensation experts will discuss your case, gathering essential information for the best possible guidance.

Initiate your claim by calling us for no win, no fee assistance and advice.

Waxing Compensation Claims

Beauty treatments are booming, with annual spending on hair and beauty growing significantly in recent years, especially with deals from sites like 'Groupon' and 'Wowcher,' making waxing, facial peels, and microdermabrasion more affordable and popular.

But some overlook potential risks before heading to a new salon. Precautions are crucial, like consultations and patch tests to avoid adverse reactions. Caution is especially needed for:

  • Microdermabrasion: a light exfoliation procedure where unqualified therapists may pose risks.
  • Facial peels: using chemicals to rejuvenate skin, but unsuitable treatments may cause burns or permanent damage.

Beauty treatments carry risks; at Thompsons, we've handled various waxing claims and other beauty treatment cases due to negligence. Injuries include burns, scarring, and adverse reactions to procedures like waxing, peels, and laser treatments.

For guidance on waxing compensation claims or any beauty treatment gone wrong, contact Thompsons' personal injury lawyers. We offer free, no-obligation advice. Call us to start your path to compensation.

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