Faulty Furniture Compensation Claims

Chest of drawersTo anyone who has not experienced it, it may seem unlikely but injuries caused by faulty furniture are surprisingly common.

In fact, in cases of overturning furniture, particularly those involving children, furniture-related accidents can prove fatal.

Sometimes, such incidents happen as a result of very particular circumstances and no party may be considered liable. However, if a problem is caused by a defect, fault or inherently flawed design, those affected may be able to claim compensation.

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Toxic sofa claims

In 2010 personal injury lawyers representing hundreds of consumers who suffered chemical burns as a result of Chinese manufactured "toxic sofas" reached a High Court class action compensation settlement of £20m.

The claimants' injuries were caused by the chemical called DMF (dimethyl fumarate) in leather sofas made by Linkwise and Eurosofa.

At the time the faulty furniture compensation settlement represented the largest consumer group litigation in UK legal history. The defendants in the case, Argos, Land of Leather and Walmsleys, all admitted liability.

Following coverage of the toxic sofa scandal, the EU announced that it would ban the future use of DMF in furniture.

The Ikea Dresser Scandal

In 2017 Ikea had to re-announce a recall of 29 million chests and dressers following the death of eight children as a result of fatal crush injuries.

However, the recall was first made in June 2016 but proved to be insufficiently effective, despite notices on social media, the Ikea website and advertisements in television and newspapers.

Although the recall only affected consumers in the United States and Canada, it emphasised just how dangerous poorly designed furniture can be.

Furniture-Related Accidents

The toxic sofa and collapsing dresser scandals are just two examples of defective furniture causing injury. Other common examples of furniture-related accidents include:

  • Chair collapses
  • Defective garden furniture
  • Poorly mounted furniture accidents
  • Television-related accidents
  • Glass furniture accidents
  • Shelving accidents
  • Trap hazard accidents
  • Amputation and sharp injury furniture accidents

Furniture Accidents in All Settings

Whether you have sustained injury in a furniture-related accident at home, have suffered an accident in the workplace involving an office chair, have been the victim of defective furniture in a public place or are the parent of a child who has suffered injury as a result of a defective chair at school, the specialist consumer injury claims solicitors at Thompsons can help you recover the compensation you to which you are entitled.

Thompsons' solicitors are leaders in their field. Our firm has an excellent success rate, winning over 90% of the personal injury cases we take on, securing our clients around £1 million in compensation each week.

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