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Making a compensation claim for personal injury is not always a straightforward process. No two cases are ever the same and many different factors will affect how the case progresses.

One major factor is, quite simply, who is the injured person? Personal injuries can affect people from all backgrounds, of all ages, and from all occupations, and this will have an impact on the way in which a compensation claim for personal injury is handled. This is why, when you meet with your personal injury solicitor, your own personal circumstances must be taken into account.

Perhaps you are a soldier who suffered serious injuries while in combat, a farm worker who was exposed to harmful chemicals while spraying the fields. Or an elderly lady who suffered neglect in a care home.

While the general principles of personal injury law will apply to all of these cases, there will be some differences in the way they are approached.

How your situation can affect your claim

Different rules and regulations apply to different people and situations, and these need to be considered when determining how much compensation will be awarded and whether you'll be able to make a claim in the first place. For instance, additional rules apply to all claims for compensation involving the military, while health and safety issues are very important in dealing with agricultural accidents. When it comes to dealing with vulnerable adults, such as the frail elderly, then questions of mental capability sometimes arise. In such cases it can be necessary to appoint a trusted family member or friend to bring the personal injury claim on their behalf.

Other people who might be affected by special issues when making a compensation claim include:

  • Children (unable to make a claim themselves until they reach 16, they will need parents or a guardian to act for them)
  • Employees (the health and safety regulations of their workplace and industry will be considered)
  • Passengers
  • Tourists
  • Patients
  • Prisoners
  • Purchasers (of goods)

Get the right advice and guidance for your claim

Thompsons Solicitors is Scotland's largest firm of personal injury solicitors, with decades of experience helping a variety of clients make successful claims. We have a diverse team of expert lawyers, each specialising in a particular field of personal injury. We are therefore confident that we'll be able to provide you with the best possible advice regarding your claim.

We'll inform you of all you need to know, and you can rest assured that we'll only ever act in your best interests.

If you have been injured call our personal injury lawyers for an immediate, no obligation, free legal consultation on 0800 0891 331.

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