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Discussing CaseIf you need to make a claim for personal injury compensation, you'll no doubt have many questions. A key concern might be regarding how long it will take to receive a settlement payment and how will you cope with your injuries and any change to your lifestyle before you receive compensation. The damages award you receive could play a big part in your road to recovery, especially if you need to fund rehabilitation therapy or if you need to pay for expenses and adaptations to your living accommodation.

Here's a bit more information on the settlement you'll receive when you make a claim with Thompsons. Remember, if you have any specific queries, feel free to contact our advisers at a time convenient for you.

Interim Compensation Payments

If there is no dispute as to who was to blame for the accident, but the medical evidence in your case is very complicated or the extent of the losses you have sustained are not clear, then we may be able to ask the other side for an interim compensation payment. An interim payment is a part payment made to you before the final settlement amount is agreed.

Interim payments are often necessary in claims for more serious accidents which have had significant, or life-changing consequences for the sufferer, such as a head injury or spinal injury. In these cases, the victim is likely to need compensation as soon as possible so that they, and their family, can deal with urgent priorities, such as starting the rehabilitation process and paying bills, instead of waiting for the final settlement date.

Our solicitors will ensure, whenever appropriate, that you receive an interim award to cover necessary expenses, allowing you to have access to the best rehabilitation and recovery services suited to you.

Full and Final Compensation Payments

On most occasions acceptance of an offer of compensation will be in full and final settlement, which means you cannot ask for more compensation as a result of the same accident at a later stage. It is important therefore that settlement is not rushed. We will advise you on every offer made and will not recommend accepting a settlement unless we feel the offer made reflects the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

You can rest assured, Thompsons' personal injury solicitors are very knowledgeable when it comes to obtaining the best possible settlement amounts for our clients, which is why we will always provide you with nothing but the most honest guidance, advising you to reject an offer if we feel it's too low. We know what's fair, and we want you to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for the injuries and losses you have sustained.

You Keep Maximum Compensation

If we are able to obtain you an out of court settlement, no matter how long it takes us to conclude your compensation claim our fee will be capped at 20%, whereas other companies can charge a fee up to a maximum of 40%. Striving to keep our solicitor fees down to a minimum is just one of the ways Thompsons is on your side.

Thompsons – giving you unrivalled support during your claim

At Thompsons, we view supporting our clients as our number one priority. Whether that means seeking early interim payments to help you cope with your injuries sooner, or simply having a reassuring shoulder to lean on during difficult and highly stressful times, our solicitors will always act in your best interests.

So, if you or someone you love has been involved in an accident that was, at least in part, caused by another party, call our No Win No Fee lawyers today FREE on 0800 0891331. We can provide you with straightforward, honest guidance and advise you on your first step towards receiving compensation.

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