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Thompsons Solicitors Scotland are delighted to be working together with the Scottish Artists Union providing discounted and free Legal Services for their members.  

At Thompsons we have a team of dedicated lawyers who are available to help Scottish Artist Union members and their family.  The legal services provided by Thompsons through your union membership ranges from employment law such as contract disputes, pay disputes and work agreements at significantly discounted rates to a free Will writing service to members, partners and members parents to receiving 100% compensation for Personal Injury claims.

Talk to Thompsons on 08000 810 068.

Free Legal Advice

Members are entitled to 30 minutes’ free advice on any legal matter.  

Employment Law

The Scottish Artist Union realise that employment law is a complex and specialist area of law and that is why they have Scotland’s leading employment lawyers to help their members.

Thompsons Employment team are specialists in this area of law and fully understand the different issues that can arise for members such as contract disputes, pay disputes and work agreements.  Talk to Thompsons about your employment related issues.

Wills and Future Planning

Things won’t just sort themselves out, safeguarding your future is easy…let us guide you through the process:

Make a Will to give you complete peace of mind.   Making a Will is something many people put off, but it’s critically important for your family and your own peace of mind that your affairs are put in order before you die.

If you don’t have a Will, your husband or wife may not automatically inherit your belongings, and if you aren’t married or haven’t registered a civil partnership, your partner may not inherit anything!

Making a Will ensures your property and belongings are distributed according to your own wishes after your death – sparing your family and loved ones a lot of unnecessary work and emotional strain at a time when they’re least able to cope with it.

Create a Power of Attorney to ensure you are looked after if you become ill.  A Power of Attorney is simply a legal document you sign now, appointing someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make these decisions for yourself. 

A relative or loved one can’t just “step in” – without a Power of Attorney they face an expensive and lengthy court process just to be allowed to deal with your affairs.   A Power of Attorney is just as important as a Will – everyone should have one.

Make a Living Will (Advanced Medical Directives) to set out how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill.  Creating a Living Will instructs your doctors and loved ones in relation to medical treatment you are willing to accept or not accept should you be in a position where you are no longer able to communicate your choices.

Guardianship & Intervention Orders - Where a family member or friend doesn’t have a Power of Attorney and is no longer able to make decisions or give instructions, an Intervention or Guardianship Order may be required from the court to carry out a one-off transaction (e.g. selling a house to pay for nursing home fees) or to deal with the needs of the individual on a long-term basis. 

Once an individual loses capacity to make decisions on their own, Thompsons can help you to safeguard their financial affairs and welfare concerns.

Discharging your Mortgage - Paying the final instalment of your mortgage doesn’t end your ties to the bank. Until you formally remove the mortgage, your bank will remain on your title deeds as a party with a right over your home. Some people think that repaying your mortgage makes the bank disappear from your title deeds – that’s not true.

These are just some of the services our Private Client solicitors can help you with, call 08000 810 068 for further information or to arrange a free legal health check.

Personal Injury

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  If this happens to you or a family member, the Scottish Artists Union and Thompsons Scotland are here to help.  We are a multi-award winning law firm who specialise in Personal Injury law ensuring victims of accidents receive the compensation they deserve and through your Union membership you will keep 100% of your compensation.


If you are buying or selling a property, your Union legal services offers a unique one stop property package, which takes away the stress of buying and selling a house, whilst ensuring you receive a first class service and at a significantly discounted price.  Let us deal with Conveyancing, Estate Agents, Home Reports and Mortgages and save you money!

More Legal Services Talk To Thompsons

There are many more services available to you through your Union membership, click here to browse our website.  Remember the services offered are either free or significantly discounted through your membership with the Scottish Artists Union, Talk To Thompsons about your legal issue on 08000 810 068

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