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Employees rights due to winter weather

What rights do employees have if they can’t attend work due to winter weather? This was the question being asked on a recent edition of The John Beattie show on Radio Scotland. John asked Jillian Merchant, Solicitor from the employment team onto his programme to debate the issue.

Employment Law - Landmark Legal Victory for Workers Rights

Senior Employment lawyer from Thompsons Jillian Merchant speaks with the BBC’s John Beattie about a landmark legal victory for workers rights.

BBC Radio Scotland speak Phyllis Craig on new Asbestos Bill

Thompsons work closely with Scotland’s leading asbestos charity Clydeside Action on Asbestos. We work to support the many initiatives CAA undertake to help sufferers of asbestos conditions. CAA’s senior welfare rights officer Phyllis Craig recently appeared on BBC Radio Scotland’s main morning news show to promote a new bill she is working to put before the Scottish Parliament with the help of MSP Stewart McMillian. Thompsons fully Support Phyllis’ bill.

Patrick McGuire comments on Baby Ashes Scandal in Fife

Senior BBC reporter Jackie O’Brien speaks with Patrick McGuire about the baby ashes scandal in Fife and the callous way the local council has treated grieving families that Thompsons represent.

BBC Radio speak with Eilish Lindsay from Thompsons about Ciaran Williamson Fatal Accident Inquiry

Eilish Lindsay speaks with BBC Radio Scotland on the conclusion of the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Ciaran Williamson. Ciaran was 8 years old when he was killed by a huge piece of masonry that fell from a large tomb in a Glasgow cemetery.

Employment lawyer speaks to BBC Radio Scotland on Carrie Gracie resignation

Following the resignation of the BBC’s Beijing correspondent Carrie Gracie over the issue of unequal pay Jillian Merchant from Thompsons employment team was asked by BBC Radio Scotland to give her view on the issue.

Jillian Merchant discusses workplace harassment

The Call Kaye Programme on BBC Radio Scotland held a phone in on the issue of harassment in the workplace. Jillian Merchant, specialist employment lawyer discusses the issue.

Andrew Henderson interview on Clutha disaster Fatal Accident Inquiry

Andrew Henderson partner is interviewd on BBC Radio Newsdrive on the announcement by the Crown Office about their intention to begin the process to start a Fatal Injury Accident Inquiry into the Clutha disaster.

Thompsons Solicitors stand in their support of survivors of historic abuse

Tommy Harley from Voice Within tells his story to senior Journalist Laura Maciver on the BBC radio lunchtime programme. Tommy responded to a report about historic abuse at football clubs where a Thompsons client was also involved.

Campaigning for better safety on school buses

Thompsons represent several families who's children were injured in a School bus crash in Cumbernauld earlier this year. The parents, led by our client Michael Collins, have started to campaign for better safety on school buses. BBC presenter John Beattie speaks to Michael Collins as the Scottish Parliament considers the issue.

Time bar lifted for abuse survivors in Scotland

On Wednesday 4th October 2017 the time bar preventing survivors of historic abuse taking civil legal action was finally lifted. Patrick McGuire speaks to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme to discuss the implications for survivors.

Eilish Lindsay speaks to BBC Scotland on holiday sickness claims

Kaye Adams talks with Eilish Lindsay Glasgow lawyer about holiday sickness compensation claims and whether there is really a rise in fraudulent claims.

Aberdeen City Council must show complete transparency over baby ashes scandal

Aberdeen City Council are being forced by a Freedom of Information Request to release an internal report into the actions of senior managers over the Hazelhead Crematorium baby ashes scandal. The council had done everything they could to keep the report secret. Patrick McGuire who represents over 100 Aberdeen parents affected speaks with senior BBC reporter Kevin Keane about why the council has been found wanting yet again when it comes to openness and transparency.

Playpark accident leaves child badly hurt

The Jack Family turned to Thompsons when their daughter Lucy was injured in the local play park. Lucy was badly hurt when she cut her leg on a piece of equipment that had been installed wrongly by the builders and ignored by the property factors, despite warnings from residents. Thompsons are pursuing both the builders and the factors for compensation.

Glen Millar speaks with BBC as justice is secured for family of Indian Tourist

Thompsons have secured a very substantial six figure settlement for the family of an Indian Grandmother killed in an accident at an Edinburgh Hotel. The BBC spoke with both the family in India and Thompsons Partner, Glen Millar, about the case and why the Crown Office were wrong to decide against holding a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the tragedy.

Thompsons client speaks to The BBC's John Beattie about injury caused by tram lines

Thompsons represent over 100 people who have been injured by falling on Edinburgh's tram lines. Many of those injured are cyclists. One of our clients, Hamish Mitchell, speaks to the BBC's John Beattie and describes to him how the accident came about and what the repercussions were for him.

David Martyn speaks to The BBC about workers legal rights.

With many of the curbs introduced by the UK government on Trade Unions our support for them has never been more needed. In this interview with the John Beattie show on Radio Scotland David Martyn discusses comments made by the UK Government about curbing workers right to strike. David appears along side a member of the RMT union.

Patrick McGuire interview on Historical Abuse

Partner with Thompsons Patrick McGuire is interviewed by BBC Scotland’s John Beattie on where the civil law stands in Scotland for victims of historic abuse.

Patrick McGuire panel member on Gordon Brewer's Big Debate

Thompsons Solicitors partner Patrick McGuire is one of Scotland’s leading lawyers. Patrick regularly features in the Scottish media in relation to his high profile cases but also as a respected legal pundit. Patrick recently appeared on BBC Scotland’s BIG DEBATE programme with Gordon Brewer as part of a panel of public figures giving their views on current affairs including Scottish, UK and international issues.

Patrick McGuire Solicitor gives his view on Parking Charges

Patrick McGuire is one of Scotland’s most sought after legal commentators. In this appearance on BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland Programme Patrick gives his view on the legality of charges levied by private parking companies.

Patrick McGuire interview on financial support scheme for infected blood products

Patrick McGuire is interview by BBC’s Ken McDonald on new financial support scheme for the victims of infected blood products. Patrick explains to Ken that while this new package is a huge improvement on what the UK Tory government had previously provided there is still more that the Scottish Government needs to do.

BBC Radio Scotland speak to Patrick McGuire about road accidents caused by Police Scotland.

Since 2013 Police Scotland have paid out over £633,000 in compensation for a range of incidents including where police vehicles hit a pedestrian, cyclists, parked cars and walls.

Glen Millar specialist solicitor in Edinburgh speaks to BBC Scotland

Glen Millar, a partner with Thompsons Solicitors, speaks with senior BBC Scotland reporter Morag Kinniburgh about his fight for justice for a family who lost their mother in a terrible and avoidable accident.

Pregnancy discrimination - Jillian Merchant speaks to Graham Stewart

Jillian Merchant, employment lawyer gives her view to Graham Stewart from BBC Radio Scotland on women being forced out of their jobs due to discrimination when returning from pregnancy.

Patrick McGuire speaks to BBC Radio Scotland

Thompsons Partner, Patrick McGuire, speaks to BBC Radio Scotland about the baby ashes scandal in Aberdeen.

BBC Report on Zero Hours Contracts

David Martin from Thompsons employment team features in this BBC report on Zero Hours Contracts.

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