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Following a MoD court challenge changes to a military compensation scheme means that the amount of compensation paid out to injured troops has been increased.

British troops that have sustained an injury in Afghanistan and Iraq will now receive substantially higher levels of compensation after changes have been made to the governments much criticised compensation scheme.

The maximum tax-free lump sum of £570,000 has not changed but other levels of compensation will be increased by an average of 30%.

Prior to the changes compensation payments were limited to three injuries sustained in the same incident.  Troops would be compensated 100% for the first injury, 50% for the second, and 30% for the third.  Following the changes they will now receive compensation for all injuries.

The changes will be retrospective which will result in many injured troops receiving more compensation.  Compensation for lifetime earnings will also now be taken into account for troops who may have been promoted if they had not been injured.

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