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Charities have recently spoken out about the proposed reforms to no win no fee agreements and the impact the reforms will have over human rights abuses. Oxfam, Amnesty International, CAFOD and other NGO’s have stated that the proposed restructuring of no win no fee agreements will prevent some victims being able to pursue claims against multinational corporations as such actions will be financially unviable.

The proposed changes to no win no agreements have been heavily criticised, as they will make cases more financially risky. The success fee paid to Solicitors in England and the after the event insurance costs will not be recoverable from a losing defendant, this money will have to come from the claimants damages.

It has been reported that Oxfam is particularly concerned with the proposed changes to the no win no fee system because they come at the same time when western companies are buying up land in the developing world.

Kathleen Spencer Chapman of Oxfam is reported as saying “It will become impossible for claimants to find anyone to represent them because the cases will be economically unviable.

"The insurance premiums can be huge but will no longer be recoverable. Clinical negligence cases will, the bill says, be exempt from this. We think human rights cases should be exempted as well." 

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