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Stagecoach Bus Accident Compensation Claim – May 2017

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On 31st May 2017, an USDAW member's 17-year-old daughter received a settlement for injuries she received while using a Stagecoach bus.

Our client and her father boarded a stationary single decker bus on Lochside Road. Our client stood next to her father as he paid the bus fare. There were already other passengers on board as well as people waiting to get on after our client. Suddenly, the bus jolted forward, causing the father to lose his balance and fall against his daughter. This collision made our client hit the right-hand side of her body against a metal pole. Apologising, the driver stated that the jolt happened because of the air brake.

The Consequences

The impact against the pole meant our client suffered pain and discomfort to the right side of her body and her right hand. She also experienced similar pain in her back.

As our client was still in school and not in employment, she did not suffer any loss of earnings. However, she was undertaking her preliminary exams at the time of the accident, which meant she was unable to attend physiotherapy immediately after the accident.

Thompsons Solicitors requested a medical report on our client's injuries from her GP. The report also meant suitable physiotherapy could be arranged.


The claim was made with the assistance of USDAW. We took on the case in January 2017.

Liability was admitted by Stagecoach. To help decide the bus accident compensation claim, the medical report detailing our client's injuries was made available to the third-party insurers and an offer of £2,300 as well as private physiotherapy costs was made.

After receiving our advice on the offer, our client accepted it.

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