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Cycle Accident Claim for Roundabout Collision – April 2017

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Our client, Mr Gordon Laughlin, a water operation team leader at Scottish water in Dunfermline, was involved in a road traffic accident as a cyclist on 27th May 2016.

Mr Laughlin was struck by a third party vehicle when making his way across a roundabout on his bike. The third party vehicle, failing to give way or sufficiently check the road was clear, entered the roundabout at speed from as Mr Laughlin was passing the exit. Although our client did his best to steer out of the way, the vehicle collided with the rear of his bike, knocking him onto the road. The reason given by the driver of the vehicle was that she did not see him coming.


Mr Laughlin was taken from the scene of the accident to the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy by ambulance. He suffered cuts and bruises to his legs, arms, and down the left side of his body. The collision dislocated his wrist and broke it in three places, and there was tendon damage to his left thumb and wrist.

As he had suffered an intraarticular fracture, the hospital staff needed to reset his wrist and place it in a plaster cast.

The injury meant Mr Laughlin had to undergo surgery on his wrist on 31st May 2016, which required him to have pins, plates, and wire supports inserted. Mr Laughlin had to stay overnight at the hospital on the day of the accident as well as the day of surgery.

As part of his treatment, our client was required to receive physiotherapy through the NHS to help his hand and wrist recover. The injury to his wrist meant that he had to take time off from his job at Scottish Water, but he didn't suffer any loss of earnings as he is entitled to full pay for the first six months of any absence.

In addition to his injuries, Mr Laughlin also sustained property damage. His bike and the £300 satnav fitted onto it were both damaged in the collision and needed replacing. His injuries also meant he was unable to take part in two paid-for cycle events.


The road traffic accident claim was made with the assistance of Mr Laughlin's Union, UNISON. Thompsons' road accident solicitors were able to instruct Mr Laughlin through his union.

The defendant admitted liability prior to litigation, and an injury compensation settlement of £30,663 was reached.

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