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£25,000 Car Crash Compensation For Back Seat Passenger

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Ms Cadbury was a back seat passenger in her son's motor vehicle when it was involved in a road traffic accident. The car accident occurred on an icy morning and Ms Cadbury's son admitted that he was travelling too fast for the conditions.

He lost control and the vehicle spun off the road. The car was not fitted with a rear seatbelt and Ms Cadbury was thrown out of the back windscreen and landed some distance away from where the vehicle was stopped.

An elderly woman, Ms Cadbury had retired and did not have any claim for wage loss. She did however suffer serious facial scarring particularly to her scalp and was obviously traumatised by the event.

Her sons insurers, quite rightly, very quickly admitted that they were bound to pay Ms. Cadbury compensation. They however made several very low offers of compensation which were simply derisory.

It proved necessary to raise a Court action on Ms. Cadbury's behalf. This had the desired affect as the case settled very quickly after that with Ms. Cadbury receiving £25,000 in compensation.

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