Pneumoconiosis: Workers at Risk

LungsPneumoconiosis refers to a group of lung diseases caused by the frequent and continuous inhalation of dust. Certain work processes generate a lot of dust, therefore pneumoconiosis is a big problem for workers from certain industries.

Who are the workers most at risk of pneumoconiosis?

As there are a number of types of dust that can cause pneumoconiosis, this means that there are certain industries which are more at risk of causing the disease than others. Mining and quarrying are amongst the jobs where workers are most at risk of developing the disease, but other jobs and industries may also pose a risk to workers' health:

  • Jobs relating to asbestos and asbestos removal
  • Construction
  • Potteries
  • Foundries and other jobs relating to metal working
  • Fabric manufacturing
  • Sand-blasting
  • Ship-building
  • Stone cutting

Because pneumoconiosis takes a long time to become symptomatic – possibly taking up to 40 years for some conditions to be diagnosed – it is only now that we are seeing the results of poor working conditions in the past.

The good news is that the rules relating to workers' health and safety have tightened considerably over the years, and the number of new cases of pneumoconiosis is expected to fall in the future. In fact, some specific forms of the disease have already experienced a significant drop. 

According to the Health and Safety Executive, the number of coal workers' pneumoconiosis cases appeared to peak over a decade ago (reaching more than 1,000 cases per year during 2002-2004) and has now plateaued at around 200-300 cases annually over the last five years.

Can I claim for pneumoconiosis?

If you have been diagnosed in the last three years, and you believe working conditions played a part in your illness, then you should contact an industrial disease solicitor here at Thompsons.

We have many years of experience dealing with claims from workers who have been the unfair victims of personal injuries and illnesses arising from their place of work.

Claims for pneumoconiosis can be difficult, especially if your employer is no longer trading, but we have a dedicated team who can trace companies and their liability insurers so that a claim can be commenced with clarity and certainty.

We are dedicated to making sure that the legal proceedings cause the minimum amount of disruption to your already difficult situation. That's why we offer a No Win No Fee Solicitor package to help put your mind at ease, giving you the reassurance that you won't accumulate any unnecessary legal fees during your claim. Discuss your case with a legal expert today by calling 0800 0891331. 

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