Supermarket Worker Back Injury Claim Case Study

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We were contacted by our client via her union, Usdaw, in relation to her hopes of making a personal injury claim for the manual handling back injury she sustained during the course of her employment for the Co-op Supermarket.

The background

On 1 May 2014 our client was working her usual shift when she was asked to lift a crate containing one dozen 70cl bottles of vodka. However, in attempting to do this, she felt severe pain in her back. She immediately informed her manager who told her to sit behind the counter and not perform any further manual tasks.

The consequences

The claimant received several pain-relieving injections for the pain she was suffering following the manual handling accident. Initially a diagnosis of joint damage was made. She was eventually diagnosed with a slipped disc.

The woman's ability to work has been severely limited. She is no longer able to carry out any heavy lifting tasks and finds that even standing for a short period causes her to suffer pain. She is also unable to bend without experiencing back pain.

Furthermore, the claimant now has a reduced ability to perform basic domestic tasks. She has difficulty hoovering and even struggles to negotiate the stairs. As a result, she now relies on the assistance of her children.

She has also developed post-accident depression and has been prescribed Dilopsetine for depression and pain management.

The settlement

On 18 November 2019, Thompsons' personal injury solicitors in Scotland confirmed a £24,000 manual handling compensation settlement from the claimant's employer in recognition of her injuries.

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