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Families in Aberdeen affected by the baby ashes scandal have reacted with horror after learning of very serious allegations regarding practices at the city’s Hazelhead crematorium.

A statement from chief executive Angela Scott makes clear that the allegations involve the joint cremation of adult and babies. If these allegations are found to be true it would be an extremely disturbing development in the ongoing baby ashes scandal at Hazelhead.

Patrick McGuire, PartnerCommenting on this latest development, Patrick Mcguire, a partner with Thompsons who represents the families affected said “These latest allegations involving Hazelhead are absolutely appalling. The families I represent are almost broken by this news. Any suggestion that infants and adults have been cremated together must be rigorously investigated. At almost every stage Aberdeen City have tried to block or evade attempts by the parents to find out what happened to their babies remains. This has got to stop now. The council have to be completely open and honest and do the decent thing by these families by telling them the truth.

Paul Wells one of parents involved said he was devastated by the news ”To think that something like this could have happened to my son Scott, well it’s the worst possible scenario. We have dreaded something like this, it’s more than someone not doing their job properly. The lies are all starting to come out now, it is all unravelling.”


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