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Thompsons Team up with Top US Attorney & Leading MSP in the Fight for Justice for Victims of Counterfeit MESH

A leading member of The Scottish Parliament today called for immediate action to tackle the scandal of counterfeit material being used in the manufacture of surgical mesh. Neil Findlay who is also chair of Holyrood's influential health committee was speaking at a press conference with high profile American Lawyer Steve Mostyn who first highlighted the issue of counterfeit material in surgical mesh and is pursuing the makers, Boston Scientific, through the US courts and Scotland's top mass litigation lawyer Patrick McGuire.

Texan Mostyn has uncovered a trail of deceit which shows that the US makers of surgical mesh, used to treat a range on bladder problems mainly in women, has sourced dodgy material from China to make their mesh. They then sold it on to many customers world wide including the Scottish NHS.

mass litigation lawyerMr  Mostyn says that Boston Scientific who make £100million a year from mesh implants, turned to China when the original maker of the resin material used to make mesh withdrew it from the market five years ago.

Mostyn flew to Scotland last week to hand MSPs and solicitors representing mesh victims in Scottish litigation the documents he has gathered. He said: “Internal emails show that Boston Scientific were offered genuine Marlex resin from another supplier at £55 per lb. The price in China was 85p per lb. That alone should’ve caused alarm. Photographs and sworn statements from executives claim counterfeit Marlex bags were made up using fake logos the wrong colour.”

The fall out from Boston Scientifics faulty mesh has been huge with many women across Scotland suffering from the most horrendous health issues as the mesh fuses with their internal organs.

Thompsons Solicitors Mass Litigation Unit represents over 100 Scots condemned to a life of pain by dodgy mesh.  Partner, Patrick McGuire said "We have been locked in court battle on behalf of the victims of this scandal for some time.  We will not rest until we secure justice and compensation for our clients.  The documents and information provided by Mr Mostyn will be invaluable to achieve that goal.  It will benefit all of Thompsons clients".

He added "It was very welcome that myself and members of my litigation team were invited along by Neil and Steve. Neil bring his expert knowledge of Holyroods legislative process and Steve bring his invaluable experience of dealing with Boston Scientific and their highly questionable practices. I will be working very closely with Steve over the coming months as I believe that following and learning from his legal action in the US will greatly benefit the litigation we are currently pursuing in Scotland. Steve, Neil and I are completely committed to making sure that victims of mesh get the justice they deserve and that in the future no other Scots suffer due to sub standard medical implants."

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