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The government’s decision to restrict compensation payments to people infected with hepatitis C from contaminated blood transfusions has been described as “sadly lacking in understanding and compassion”.

The comments were made by the chairman of an independent inquiry into contaminated blood products, Lord Archer of Sandwell, who further remarked

"It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that humanitarian impulses have come a bad second to Treasury constraints."

Frank Maguire, Senior Partner of Thompsons Solicitors, successfully represented hepatitis C victims in gaining a landmark judgment ruling that Scottish Ministers breached the European Convention of Human Rights by refusing to hold public inquiries into the deaths of two victims of Hepatitis C who contracted  the disease through infected blood transfusions by the NHS.

Mr. Maguire continues to campaign for victims of Hepatitis C and echoed Lord Archer’s sentiment:

“Lord Archer of Sandwell and his independent inquiry have been largely ignored.  As it stands, nearly 2000 people have died as a result of exposure to infected blood products, yet the government continues to offer only paltry compensation payments, a fraction of those awarded in other EU countries such as Ireland.” 

The government has said it will increase the levels of compensation available to those who had contracted HIV as a result of tainted blood products.

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