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The Telegraph's legal expert, Solicitor Advocate Frank Maguire of Thompsons Solicitors explores what happens if you are unlucky enough to have an accident while abroad and gives you some tips on how to deal with the situation.

If you have an accident while abroad on holiday, a personal injury solicitor in Scotland could deal with your claim, if the holiday was booked as part of a package deal through a travel agent in Scotland.

However your accident would need to be the fault of the travel agent or their representatives, such as hotel staff.

Say, for example, your accident was caused by a badly maintained walkway in the hotel grounds, you could claim here.

You could also claim for food poisoning, if you took ill from eating in the hotel restaurant. If the restaurant was outside the hotel and the walkway was in the local town centre you could not claim here.

If you were working abroad and the accident was the fault of your employer, you would be able to make a personal injury compensation claim using your Scottish solicitor provided you were employed by a company based in Scotland.

Sometimes it is possible to agree with the insurer, or their solicitors, which country that the claim is dealt with and occasionally it is possible to agree to pursue your claim in Scotland.

This can happen if, for instance, there has been a road traffic accident which took place in the European Union.

Like all claims you would need to prove that the other person was responsible for your injury.

Make sure you report your accident, make sure the accident is posted in the accident book or reported to the police, get details of witnesses and if possible take photographs.

If you are going to be claiming expenses such as medical and travel costs remember to keep receipts.

Dealing with accidents abroad is a specialist area of law so makes sure you get the proper guidance by consulting someone who is an expert in this field.

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